Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bicycle Law

Click here to view Law Enforcement presentation that Kelley Segars (Knoxville TPO) created with help of Leslie Mehan. Used in 2009 at the Tennessee Lifesavers Conference, it will be used next year in a series of train-the-trainers events resulting in every law enforcement agency in the state receiving the training.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hogan's Branch

I rode Hogan's Branch Wednesday and noticed a construction sign advertising 20 minute delays. 

There was no delay that day but several places have piles of culverts so it looks like they are planning some cuts across the road in the near future.

This is between McMurtry and the highway, so Shell road is a lovely alternative for that area if need be.

There should be no problem if your route is toward Happy Hollow and Madison Creek.

Enjoy the long weekend of riding!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New FOGBEES watering hole ?!?!

Check out the Star News for announcement of what could be an alternative post ride / spin refreshment site. I'm sure that Doug and Gary will approve. According to the article, the Tilted Kilt offers an atmosphere akin to Hooters with a Scottish twist. The new venue will occupy the location where Applebees once operated.

Who knows ? Gary might actually find Larry Bird's cousin and Doug may find a substiute for Tamatha !


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Associate Membership - Bike Walk Tennessee

As you know several FOGBEES are active in Statewide Cycling Advocacy and have participated in forming an Advocacy Corporation to promote cycling and pedestrian interests in Tennessee. Their Web Site is here.
The organization has provided Associate Memberships where groups with similar interests can add their voice. I am requesting that the FOGBEES become members. There is NO cost and the membership details are on their Web Site.
Please COMMENT as to your approval/disapproval.

Cyclist Problem in Rutherford County

Rutherford County Public Safety Committee has just brought up the topic of a Cyclist problem on their county roads in their October 26'th meeting. They now join Williamson County in considering cyclists to be a potential problem. Let's not add Sumner to that list! I borrowed the following from Bruce's recommendation on this topic.

You know all these already but here are Bruce's suggested talking points in addressing the Safety Commission:

1) Local clubs are just as concerned about the problem of increased motor vehicular and bicycle traffic on inadequate roads. We encourage the enforcement of laws upon cyclists who break them. Especially target
. . a) riding against traffic
. . b) no lights at night.
. . c) running red lights, stop signs, etc.
. . d) riding in packs so as to impede traffic for long distances.

2) At the same time we'd like to stress our right to the roads. I don't believe a Tennessee County alone has the right to ban cyclists from any public road.

. . a) What may appear to be obstructing traffic can well be the safest cycling practice. When road conditions make it unsafe to pass it is safest for a cyclist to move far enough to the left in a lane to make the overtaking driver consider the situation. A good cyclists will telegraph when it is safe to pass by moving back toward the right. That cyclist will also pull over if obstructing faster traffic for more than a couple of minutes. That seems like a long time to the following motorist but in reality that may be as soon as the cyclists can do so. We need to educated both cyclists an motorists in effective road sharing.

. . b) speed limits may need to be reduced and adequately enforced on narrow roads with limited sight distance. Farm equipment, wildlife, stalled cars and mail carriers also present real dangers when topping a hill too fast.

3) As rural areas get populated existing roads need to be improved to accommodate the increased traffic.

4) Most cyclists also drive cars and contribute to the building of the roads. Bicycles are very easy on the roads so the time we are not driving, we spare the roads.

5) Thank everyone for the opportunity to have input.

Monday, November 16, 2009

FOGBEE vs Dog - Dog Wins Round 1

We decided to enjoy the great weather yesterday on our bikes. Bob M. and Nicole joined us for a ride in the Coopertown area. There is a dog on Sandy Springs Road that chases and comes into the road after cyclists. Yesterday, he got a head start and came out charging into the road and cut in front of me (Phil) hitting my front tire. As you can imagine, this was not good. I went down and was out for a few seconds. I ended up with my collarbone broken in two places and a separated shoulder (road rash as well). In an effort to prevent this from happening to others, a police report was filed.

Our next visit to Bikers Choice will be to get a new helmet and dog repellant. My bike will need to get checked out as well. Although I think that I cushioned the fall for the bike.

Bob and Nicole - I cannot thank you enough for your help yesterday. It helped us get through a bad situation. Thank you again.

Obviously I will be off my bike for awhile, however, I am already thinking about my next ride.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Northeast Corridor Mobility Study report

The Nashville MPO is considering three options for mass transit from Gallatin to Downtown Nashville
1. Bus Rapid Trnasit or light rail that would follow what we all call Gallatin Rd from Gallatin to Downtown. This has the advantage of connecting existing population centers and would have multiple runs during the day. The down side is it would take longer to get from Gallatin to Downtown than the other options.
2. BRT or Light Rail along Ellington Parkway, then connect to Viet Nam Vets/386 to Gallatin. Advantage is there is existing right of way for most of the path. It would be a quicker trip with fewer stops than the Gallatin Rd option but would also have fewer access points.
3. Commuter Rail (Like Music City Star) along CSX right of way. This would only run duing rush hours but would be by far quickest route. Downside is most expensive, have to deal with CSX, and would be into next century getting done.

There was some talk of having bike routes to stations. My only contribution was a plea to be sure they had facilities for bike parking and for bikes on whatever bus or train they eventually got. This meeting was mostly about routes but I don't want them to forget us or they very likely will. One of the possible excursions I'd considered is a bike ride to Lebanon, ride the Music City Star to Downtown, then bike back to Hendersonville. The bike part is doable today but the Music City Star lists only places for two bicycles in the space reserved for wheelchairs and then only if a wheelchair does not show up. That does not exactly encourage bike commuting. From what I can tell there would probably be room for bikes most of the time but I'd not show up expecting to ride with my bike without some prior arrangement.

Anyone interested in more info can find it at this Nashville MPO link.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Thanks to the Fogbees who spun it last night. See you Tuesday.

NEW Fogbee Jersey

. . . We have a NEW design (just a little and NO it isn't pink). We have better prices, significantly lower minimum order quantities, and significantly reduced lead time. It all sounds TOO good to be true, but we have seen the jerseys (from V-Gear) and the quality is as good as Louie Garneau.

Here is a list of those that commented that they would like to order a jersey. If you still are wanting to order please bring a check to next Saturday's ride or mail to Bob G. a check( address on membership list). We are going to place the order on Nov 16th so we can have the jersey's in early December. Click Here for current Order Status and FINAL design.

Sizing charts on web page. We will order men's and women's. PLEASE SPECIFY Men's or Womens!

We are not going to order shorts/ bibs or socks at this time. We did not have enough socks for the minimum order maybe in the future.



Thursday, November 12, 2009


Please click here to enroll in Internet Training. Select what interests you. Sorry no drop-ins. I have got to know who plans to attend and what every person wants to study, so enrollment is required.

Please see 11/2/09 note (on registration Web Page) regarding scheduling of these sessions. Also, got to have a deadline to see who wants to do what. Plans will be based on registrations submitted by Wednesday, November 11'th.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greenway Report - Stones River CLOSURE

Click here for 11/10/09 update from Mayor's Office.

. . . I went for a ride on my local Shelby Bottoms/Stones River greenway to scope out the past several weeks of construction activity on the section by Ravenwood Country Club which has never been officially open but is now more-recently posted with dire warnings of tickets for bikers and all other intruders.
. . . Well, I intruded and found they have widened the roadbed to approx two-lane residential street width all the way from the greenway posted end by the farm gate to the other posted end by the entrance to Ravenwood CC, and they have put down a layer of asphalt on the lane by the Ravenwood side; I guess next week they will pave the river side lane; their paving machines were parked in a cleared area. The two or three caved-in places in the original pavement by the river have been repaired, presumably with culvert pipe. The additional street width was obtained by cutting the trees back along the river side, and placing a foot or more of compacted crushed stone up to roadbed level. They placed the crushed stone right up against the remaining trees so I guess the trees will serve as living retaining walls, a nice environmentally-green concept.
. . . Anyhow, anybody wanting to pedal to PP Dam on a weekday via these greenways may want to consider a Plan B detour around the Ravenwood section.

. . . Cheers! Dave Irvine 11/1/09

TDOT Provides Rumble Strip Compromise

. . . In December 2008 Big Bob became a YouTube movie star as rep's from TDOT watched him negotiate the rumble on SR 109. In the summer Jessica Wilson from TDOT rode with the FOGBEES and cussed out the 31W rumble with the rest of us.
. . . In today's meeting of TDOT, MPO and Bike Walk Tennessee Jessica unveiled TDOT's new rumble strip standard that very nearly meets the December Position Statement of the Middle Tennessee Cyclists.
. . . TDOT has shown leadership in setting a new standard for other States to following in finding a compromise design. We may not like Rumble Strips, but TDOT has offered something we can ride with. More information will follow.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh What a Day !

Thanks, Tom, for choosing a great ride route for us today. I liked your weather best. I'd forgotten how beautiful Wallace Rd valley is to ride , especially going uproad so one has time to appreciate the changing of the seasons ( and to listen to the Dollies and Rhondas chirping along the babbling brook ). Kudos to Bob G. for hammering the wind coming down Station Camp and to Dollie who proved pink power prevails at Wallace summit. Indeed we rallied more riders than since the Jack 'n' Back. Man that seems s-o-o-o long ago.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm In Tune, And I'm Tunin' In On You !!!

Don't let the short days of winter bring your rpm's to a halt. Gary is spinning once again at the Hendersonville YMCA on Tuesday and Thursday nights @ 6:30 p.m.

Doug and I joined Gary for a sweaty, fun filled hour of spin for the inaugural FOGAREE of the 2009 - 2010 season. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN and WOMEN to join us in the tradition of true FOGBEES.

The best part is you don't have to reserve a bike and post ride refreshments provide an incentive that even the Y doesn't make available.

So ..... let's support Gary and extend the comraderie through the unpredictable weather and food laden holidays. See you there !