Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can I go Riding?

Fogbee Good Deed For The Day

First of all, thanks to Bob and Peggy for another great pool party!

I'm happy to report that the cell phone found by Jim C. has been returned to its rightful owner, who was tracked down thanks to the efforts of Joe. The owner was very grateful, and said she hadn't even realized that she had lost it until we called.

PLEASE HELP with Kids Triathlon - Aug 7'th

Time is running out to reserve your spot to help with the Kids triathlon. This event will take place at the Hendersonville YMCA, and the Fogbees have filled all of the early spots except 2. If you would like to help with this event please email before it is too late. This is a great way to promote the FOGBEES in a positive light. We have all participated in rides where the volunteers make a difference in the success of the event. It will only take a couple of hours and we will plan a group ride afterwards. If you decide to volunteer please let Charlene know you are with the Fogbees and she will give you and early spot so we will still have time to ride.

Bob G.


This is Charlene Alcorn, Volunteer Coordinator for the HEAT Kids Triathlon 2010! It was so great to have such a strong showing of Fogbee volunteers at last year's Kids Triathlon. The run/bike course requires nearly 50 volunteers to ensure the safety of our young athletes. I am beginning to collect names of volunteers for this years' event.

I see you all already have the HEAT Kids Triathlon on your Calendar for August 7 at 7am. Thank you for doing that! Like last year, all volunteers get a Kids Tri T-shirt and an unlimited amount of warm fuzzies for volunteering 1.5-2.5 hours of your Saturday morning. Plan to arrive at the YMCA no later than 6am on Saturday, August 7 for your assignment. If you know you are going to volunteer this year, please email me at so I can add you to my volunteer list.

Thanks so much everyone!
Ride Safe,

Saturday July 31 Lite Ride / Pool Party

The party is still on!!!!!!!

The long group is going to ride from Beach and the lites will start from Bob's house in Hendersonville. Doug Depew has agreed to lead this ride and it will start at 8:00 AM. The ride is about 32 miles and will conclude at my house followed by lunch and pool party.

What to Bring
Drinks for yourself
Folding chairs
Swim suite
Spouse or significiant other

Direstions to Bob's from Sam's
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Ride Map
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miscellaneous Info

In the past several months we have had quite a few new FOGBEES join. It is certainly great to see the Club growing.
JERSEYS: Several have asked where can I get a jersey. Unfortunately, Bob just completed an order and I am not sure of his plans. However, we have several people who no longer ride with the group and may wish to sell their jersey. If you know about any jerseys for sale, please have them send their info to We'll post their offer in our Swap Shop.

We can order jerseys anytime as long as we have a minimum of 10 pcs. Bob G.
PHOTOS: Please remember we have a GREAT photo website at (see link in menu above.) We no longer use Snapfish.
MEMBERS LIST: The membership list is up-to-date. If you forgot the password to open it, ask a FOGBEE.
CALENDAR: Please watch the calendar. This thing really works great. If you have an event that other FOGBEES should know about, put it on the calendar. If you have any trouble with it, send for help at the above noted email address.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maintaining the Bike

Bicycle Tutor is an excellent website with instructions and videos (48 by last count) on how to repair and maintain a bike.  It is so good it deserves to be included on the FOGBEE blog  - see the Menu Bar under the Banner.

Monday, July 26, 2010


We are now less than three (3) weeks away from the MCT trail ride in Illinois and we have a huge group going. Presently we have 32 people going , of which 25 are riders! There is still time to join if you want to come on this trip.
IN ORDER TO MAKE PLANS FOR FRIDAY NIGHT'S COOKOUT (THE 13TH) AT MY BROTHER IN LAWS HOME I NEED A HEAD COUNT OF WHO WILL BE ATTENDING. PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT OR CALL ME AND TELL ME WHO WILL BE THERE. THE PARTY STARTS AROUND 6:30-7:00 AND WILL GO ON UNTIL 10 OR 11 PM. The reason this is so impt. is that we need to know how much food, beer, desserts , beverages, etc. we need. Remember we are all splitting equally the cost of this that night. Also, Todd has a new in-ground pool and he invites us all to swim that night. This is a great way to start out the weekend trip so I hope you will all come to the cookout. IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED IF YOU WOULD COMMENT OR CALL BY THIS COMING TUESDAY NIGHT. Details on Todd's address in Edwardsville will be provided soon. Thanks for your cooperation. Gary and Cindy

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Has anybody been on the greenways since the flood or know what condition they are in?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

RSVP Pool Party

Saturday July 31st following the ride/
11:00 AM. Please invite your significant others and friends. We will have a Mexican themed lunch all you need to do is bring your own DRINKS.
Please post or email by Tuesday if you plan on attending so we can have a accurate head count for lunch. Please bring some folding chairs if you have them.
Doug Depew will be doing Frozen Margaritas again this year, and they will be $20 per bucket. Please let Doug If you are interested in a bucket of Frozen Margaritas.
I need someone to plan a ride for that day

Friday, July 23, 2010

Public Hearing on Sumner County Plan

The Sumner County Regional Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, at 5 p.m. in the Commission Chambers of the Sumner County Administration Building located at 355 N. Belvedere Dr. in Gallatin, Tennessee.  The purpose of the public hearing is to gather additional public input regarding the adoption of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan outlines Sumner County's vision for the future involving land use, transportation, and natural & cultural resources.  This vision includes rural villages with a unique sense of place, availability of services to county residents, completing improvements to existing roadways such as Highway 109, expanding walking and biking choices (we have added Complete Streets Policy), developing a regional mass transit system in Middle Tennessee, and protecting natural resources and cultural assets important to the county's heritage. For more info, click here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Making a Difference

What a welcome surprise! Bike Advocates were told it was not possible.  But thanks to a LOT of bicyclists showing up at the city and regional planning meetings (remember early 2009), they demonstrated that greenways and bike facilities were a priority in Sumner County.

What am I talking about? Click here to find out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tour de France

Go Lance ! Go team RadioShack ! Contdor or Schleck, who are you rooting for ?
Any FOGBEES following the biggest bike race in the universe ?

Watching the ride over the cobblestones in Belgium reminded me of following Bruce into Cedars of Lebanon Park through the back door. The fields of wheat are reminiscent of our treks through Orlinda on the way to Grafitti Road and the Tour de Cure. The crashes remind me of ..... let's skip that subject.

If you've not tuned into Versus on the tube, then you've still got many, many stages to go over the next two and a half weeks. Stage 5 is tomorrow. Makes me miss my bike while here in Hilton Head. Lookin' forward to some more miles with Team FOGBEES.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey everyone:
It is now only five (5) weeks until our trip to Illinois. If you are going please make your reservation in the next ten (10) days. We need to get a headcount for the Friday night cookout at my brother-in-laws. Also, it is anticipated that the Hotel will get booked in the next few weeks because: 1) It is the weekend for the state college students to move in for school at Edwardsville and their parents come and stay in hotels in the area and 2) it is the weekend of the Cards -Cubs rivalry and the hotels in the area get booked...SO please do not wait.
Once you have made your reservation please post on the blog and notify us at  so we can update the "hotel count". Thanks ...Gary