Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bottles from BBQ Ride

Well, did anyone pick up a couple of insulated Camelbak bottles at the BBQ place.  Eddie thinks he left his on the table, but they weren't there when we went back.

Thanks for a great day everyone. It was wonderful to see you all and see the Fogbee spirit in action.

Friday, June 29, 2012

BBQ Ride

Looking at the Fogbee calendar, June 30 appears to be the only day I can lead the BBQ ride in June and avoid other organized rides. Anyone up for some riding and BBQ on the hottest day of the year?  I'll call ahead for fried pies if you'd like. Click here for more info

BBQ ride this Saturday, June 30

It's this weekend!  The fried pies and the hot weather have been ordered.  There's a new 50 mile route (BBQ Long Ride) and a leader (Miley) of same. The long riders will start at 8:00.  We'll wait to start the shorter route at 8:30 so we'll get done closer to the same time for lunch. The short route is a roughly 31 mile "Lite" ride (BBQ Short Ride ) with no drops and regrouping.  There are also options to bail if you get tired or too hot starting at about 21 miles so no excuses.  Come ride and eat some BBQ.  Heads BBQ is at 1055 Dorris Winters Rd, Pleasant View, TN. As much as possible park along the fence. More information is on the rides page if you need it.

BBQ Ride Needs 50-mile Leader (June 30)

We had such a great turnout last year for the long route that it would be nice to have a leader on that ride that has gotten familiar with the route ahead of time.  Any volunteers?  I've created a new route that should be just as scenic but perhaps a little easier to follow.  You can preview the route on  It's called BBQ long route and it's labeled as being in Chapmansboro, TN.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Since I have been asked 3 times recently where my FOGBEES Jersey is... :(
(Dont have one, nor does Sarah)

I am assisting Bob G in taking orders and collecting $$ for FOGBEES Jerseys.

Here is the deal - Collectively, we need to order at least ten (10) of the same style jersey (Short sleeve, sleeveless, long sleeve, etc...). After we meet that quota, we can order however many of any other product, but 10 of the same is the min requirement.

We have lots of new riders who should be roughed up and harassed into purchasing one or more of these items, and I am one of them!

Lets try to get this order done by June 30 if possible.

So, please post here or send me an email with what you want to order and Sarah and I will collect it at our rides, you can mail it to me, or ride your bike to our house and hand deliver it.

** Check Them Out here The Fogbees Web Site **

Please make Checks Payable to Demetrius or Sarah Ritt, Bob Glutting, or hand me some cash... if not, ill use my super secret spy satellite access to find you!

Jerseys: Sleeveless $41, Short Sleeve $41, Long Sleeve $52, Trisuite: $78 each

Gently Used and New Cycling Clothes For Sale

I have for sale a few items of cycling clothes that I have either never worn or wore a very few times and have stopped wearing them. They are the following items: 1 Capo Tomba Jersey size large new(Capo is sized race cut and European so they are smaller than normal)...$25 1 Capo Tomba jersey size xl worn about a dozen times...$15 1 Capo Tomba bib short size xl(worn about a dozen times)...$25 1 Bellweather Cadence red jersey size large(club cut..looser fit)worn two times...$15 1 Castelli jersey size xl(race cut) worn about a half dozen times...$20 1 Castelli bib short size xl worn about 20 times...$15 1 Pearl Izumi Barrier Elite convertible zip off jacket bright green size xl worn about 5 times...$35 I thought I would put these up here for any local riders who may need some extra riding clothes before listing them on Ebay. Contact me via email at if you want to take a look at any of these pieces.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

After recently changing a flat tire for a Wednesday night rider, I commented that her paper-thin tire would have continuing flat issues on road riding.  Next to one’s helmet, the most important purchase in terms of safety should be tires.  They provide a level of security when coasting down hills, even if not blasting at 55.6 mph down Ford Branch Rd, and when alone out in the middle of the boonies.  I suggested she rid herself of the wimpy OEM tires that came with her bike and purchase something more durable and puncture resistant.  She asked, “What did I recommend?”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Share the Road License Plate

NOTE: On-line Registration Only through June 20th! JRCF must submit registrant information to arrive at the state before the end of June. Please register for your Share the Road license plate online through June 20th. Help spread the word about the 3-ft law while providing support for initiatives to better educate both motorists and cyclists across the state. Please support Tennessee cyclists by registering today!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Heat Members and Friends of Heat

Team Magic is offering us a significant discount on their timing services for our HEAT Kid's Triathlon in exchange for at least 12 Volunteers for the OHLT Saturday, June 23. Currently, we need a lot more volunteers to help with Course set-up Friday and Course break down Saturday after the race.

PLEASE GO TO:  to register to volunteer.

You don't have to be a Heat member to volunteer with Heat, just type "HEAT" in the "Club Affiliation" box on the registration site and we'll get credit for you volunteering.

Please forward this email to anyone you know who would like to volunteer.

Charlene Alcorn
Request forward by Janice.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

FOGBEES at Big Hill 2012

. . Click on picture to enlarge.  Now WHO forgot their jersey?  See Demetrius's POST to remedy that oversight.  We even have tiny little jerseys for the girl second and fourth from the left. Imagine the admiring attention our jersey would get when wrapped around such pulchritude rather than the porkritude on the right.  Yes, lot more FOGBEES were at the Big Hill, but getting them all together for a picture is like herding cats (and Dave S is hiding behind the line because he was embarrassed with his nondescript yellow jersey). This group stood still for a few moments.
. .As always it was a great event with great scenery, great weather, over 200 participants, and well supported.  FACEBOOK PAGE. One minor incident with a dog had Dr. Bruce exercising his soothing bedside manner for a fallen rider and delaying a group of us over a half-hour until EMTs and police had a badly shaken young lady stabilized and safety transported.
. . Only complaint -- no pecan pie, unless of course those who did not wait on everyone (you know who you are) snarfed it before the sweep crew finished.

Phil chases down a local beauty to pose at center Hill Lake.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Next Thursday I will be conducting a bike clinic for a group of underprivleged kids in Springfield. Most of these kids are students at Sprinfield Middle School where I work. They are students who are near and dear to my heart. I will be talking to them about bike safety, exercise, and the pleasure and fun of riding a bicycle. I was wondering if you would like to donate items to be able to give these kids something after the clinic. As you know we all like to get a prize. I was thinking of water bottles, helmets, tshirts, This could also be gently used stuff you have acumalated from your many charity rides that you have done. We are also planning on giving away a bike to one of the kids.  I have enjoyed being part of the Fogbees for the past three years and I consider you to be such a generous group. I know it is short notice. Please let me know if you want to donate something and we will work out the details.

Jack and Back 2012

Just wondering who is doing the Jack and Back this year.  Tara and I were thinking of signing up, as it seems to be the quintessential ride of the area!  Is there a Fogbee team registered, or are people signing up as individuals?  Tara and I were also going to do some spinning in front of Kroger in a couple upcoming weekends to fundraise.  Would anyone have a trainer Tara could borrow for an afternoon here and there?  It would be greatly appreciated!  Looking forward to it.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fogbee Bike Swap Meet

Tom Benim and I were talking the other night and I mentioned how much extra bike stuff I have laying around my house and this led to the idea of maybe having a Fogbee bike swap meet. I am not sure if the group would have an interest in this, but if anyone else has extra parts, clothing, gear, etc that is just laying around and would like to see if someone else in the club could use it, this may be a good idea. We could treat it like a yard sale where you put a price on your item or just bring it with the idea of maybe trading it out for something else that you could use. We also discussed that maybe after we had finished the swap meet, we could take all the left over parts people didn't want to keep down to the Oasis Center's Bike Shop which teaches and helps underprivileged Nashville youth build their own bikes up from scratch and maintain them with the promise that they then pass that knowledge on to other kids in their community. If this is something the group would have an interest in, I could contact the Biker's Choice team as well as other local, non-club affiliated riders and set up a location where this could be held and invite them to join in with us. Possibly the pavilion at Moss Wright Park or at one of the local Hendersonville parks.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Vehicle Tags and Bike Carriers

If you have a bike carrier on your vehicle, be sure it does not block your vehicle tag.  Tennessee State Law (55-4-110.  Display of registration plates -- Manner -- Penalty for violation) requires the vehicle tag be clearly visible at all times.  Law enforcement has been reported ticketing drivers in violation (read here for example). Hendersonville police are also pulling cars over for this violation.

Friday, June 8, 2012

You can still order Harpeth River Ride Jerseys for -- $45. Place your order by June 15th.  I think they look really good, especially the women's jersey.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mid -America 2012 Bike Tour - Journal

Road tour from Westmoreland, TN to Florence, KY. 

For anyone that has an desire to try touring....

2 very hot days, 1 soaking wet day and 2 very pleasant days.  265 miles and 15,000 ft of elevation covered. 

Lots of sweat and dirty clothes.  No flats or breakdowns for any of the 13 riders.  9 are now continuing to Washington DC.  The rest of us are sorry we are not peddling with them.

Below are pictures and narrative of the first four days in Bob Schofield's official journal kept on the "Crazyguyonabike" website.  These are brief and the best way to savor the flavor of the ride.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

I also added a few pictures to the Fogbee Shutterfly site.

What a great experience to meet 10 new people from GA, MS, IL, OH, FL and Brisbane, Australia.  This is a whole different experience from regular group day rides.  The senses are overwhelmed with the scenery, smells, sounds and constant change of landscape and situation.

Thanks to Bruce and Tom for their support and encouragement.

I highly recommend this experience! 


Pull Tight FOGBEES

The Harpeth River 64 milers celebrate everyone's conquering Pull Tight Hill.
King of the Downhill, Cannonball, celebrates atop Pull Tight prior to propelling his bike  down the  opposite slope.
 Mike and Sherry share the love having done Pull Tight 2 X 2.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mid-America 2012 Bike Tour

The group (missing 3) enjoying the euphoria after a LONG downhill into Gratz, KY.  This EXCELLENT adventure was organized and planned by Aussie Bob with Bruce's help.  Bruce, David S and I only got to do the section from Westmoreland to Cincinnati.  To share this ride see Bob's CrazyGuyonaBike journal.  I am sure Bruce and David will echo my sentiment in saying our only mistake was not staying for the entire 3-wk journey!  Believe me when I say, "Biking does not get any better!"