Sunday, June 17, 2012

FOGBEES at Big Hill 2012

. . Click on picture to enlarge.  Now WHO forgot their jersey?  See Demetrius's POST to remedy that oversight.  We even have tiny little jerseys for the girl second and fourth from the left. Imagine the admiring attention our jersey would get when wrapped around such pulchritude rather than the porkritude on the right.  Yes, lot more FOGBEES were at the Big Hill, but getting them all together for a picture is like herding cats (and Dave S is hiding behind the line because he was embarrassed with his nondescript yellow jersey). This group stood still for a few moments.
. .As always it was a great event with great scenery, great weather, over 200 participants, and well supported.  FACEBOOK PAGE. One minor incident with a dog had Dr. Bruce exercising his soothing bedside manner for a fallen rider and delaying a group of us over a half-hour until EMTs and police had a badly shaken young lady stabilized and safety transported.
. . Only complaint -- no pecan pie, unless of course those who did not wait on everyone (you know who you are) snarfed it before the sweep crew finished.

Phil chases down a local beauty to pose at center Hill Lake.


coastdownhills said...

Hey! I thought you wee going to photoshop someone else in the picture.

JoHo said...

Dang! I could have been in this pic except I forgot my water bottles and the guy bringing me extra was late getting there. At least we made it in time for the 32 mile start and caught up somewhere along the trail.