Saturday, June 22, 2013

If any of you took pictures on the Milkshake Ride or at De La Paz, I'd love to share them with all our Fogbee friends on our face book page.   If you'd like, please email them to me and I'll get it done.  :-)
Janice Yoste

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fogbees has a face book page.  If you haven't found us yet, do a quick search and like our page.

Amateur Sports Team

Everything on the blog gets posted there, including many of the photos taken at our numerous riding events.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lexington Horsey Ride Total Success !
See and hear all about it with our photo show from Roxio. Go to this link

Thanks to all who participated, especially Mike and Sherry Knake, the ride coordinators .  Harry and Dee Parrish along with J.R. Woodall, added freshness to the old familiar crowd. Turtles and Rabbits co-existed in harmony.

Lite Riders 

If you're not a rabbit and still want to enjoy some quality time with your friends on a bike, Tuesday nite is your nite.  We ride about an 11 to 14 avg pace.  That's a big spread so we may break up into a couple sub-groups or just do a little waiting for each other at the top of hills and stop signs.  We don't drop anyone or leave them to fend for themselves, so come join our little group.

We ride the same route as is posted for the Tuesday riders, but start at an earlier time to adjust for our slower speed.  (5:30 start time from Sam's Sportsbar)

For route details see the Tuesday nite ride, posted earlier.  :-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few pics from a great trip in Lexington.....

Great Time in Lexington

      Thanks to Mike and Sherry who put on a great weekend in Lexington.  The long riders did their 74-mile ride and the Turtles did their 54-mile ride (with obligatory spotting of six turtles) with no incidents.  We had great parties at dinner, great routes, and few of us even got to spend some time in the home of the past mayor of Lexington, H. Foster Pettit and his gracious wife.  These over-night tours are the epitome of the comradery that makes the Fogbees special and "away events" not to be missed.
      JR took thousands of pictures, well maybe just a few hundred while muttering, "These are for Janice."  We also suspect that Phil kept even pace with JR.  He was true to Turtle Ride form, stopping frequently to capture images along our great route.  They better share.
      The hotel selection could not have been better.  We were right in the middle of a hopin' and partying Lexington with almost everything within walking distance.  Thanks again MIke and Sherry. Ya dun gud.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Horsey 100 Lexington Directions from someone who knows

If these are bad, please blame Renee.  ( I am certain they are golden)

Take I 65 north then at exit 94 take Bluegrass parkway. That dead ends in Lexington. You'll turn right off of the Bluegrass. (Clearly marked at mile marker 71). Stay on this road. It will take you straight downtown onto Maxwell St. Turn left into Broadway. Hyatt will be the next block at the intersection of High street and Broadway.

Also see the Horsey 100 webpage (or click here) for Renee's list of things the non-riding visitors can do.

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter has been published and sent to your mailbox.  If you don't see it this morning, check your SPAM folder.  We send the newsletter to the email address recorded with MailChimp, our newsletter and membership service.  If you still can't find it, send a note to the Fogbee email address and we'll help you find it.  Naturally, you're not going to want to miss it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Mountain Biking

A couple of people expressed interest in joining me for trails at Lock 4 today.

We will meet at the silo parking lot ("you are here" on the map) at 6PM today (Wednesday) if anyone else wants to join the action. From HWY 31 in Gallatin proceed down Lock 4 road until you cross the lake and see the silo next to the woods.

Of course this ride cancels if trails are wet.

Wednesday mountain biking occurs weekly until the clocks set back in the fall.

I tend to ride all trails but for those who need to avoid the black trails I can point out the short cuts.

- KJ

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Big Hill Challenge

For the Fogbees staying local, there is an excellent ride that starts in Watertown.  Bikers choice is one of the sponsors so let's show our support.

Info can be found at

I am doing the 60 mile route. Who else is in?

Horsey 100

JUNE 14, 15,16 is the SPRING Ride
in Lexington, KY.  6/8/13 UPDATE on website click here

If you plan on going and have not already done so, please make your reservation ASAP.  
WHEN MAKING YOUR RESERVATION please use our code, G_FOGB or advise the hotel that you are with the FOGBEE group in order to get the reduced rate and meet our obligation to commit to a minimum of 10 rooms.   We have 15 rooms available for us.

Remember this FOGBEE party? (Click on it to enlarge). 

Mike and Sherry are planning another great get together -- The Spring Overnighter.  It's in Lexington KY.  Click on the Horsey 100 in the right sidebar to keep up with the developments.  Also, let Mike know (with a comment) if you plan to attend.

Please also comment to this post 
whether you have already made your reservation or once you have made your reservation so that we can confirm how many people will be going so that we can make dinner reservations, etc.

Thanks, Mike and Sherry

Friday, June 7, 2013

BBQ Ride (Addendum)

I hate to split up the group so much, but there are a number of riders who want to do the whole 50 mile route but just can't keep the pace of a rabbit.  

We've decided a good start time will be 0730, which should enable us to get back and share in the BBQ festivities with the rest of the Fogbees.  

If you're a lite rider and want to join us, please be at Head's BBQ, ready to ride at 0730.  All the other details are exactly the same as Christy's original post.  

The temperatures tomorrow will make for a fabulous day of riding.  :-)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

BBQ Ride June 8

Our annual BBQ ride is almost here. The fried pies have been requested, but looks like we'll skip the hot weather this year (100 degrees was pushing it even for me). I did tweak the short ride to take out the worst PUC.  We are turtle friendly in this part of the world, and I suspect our littlest turtle will be riding. As usual, the long ride will start at 8:00 and the short ride at 8:30 to allow us to finish a bit closer to the same time. A few slower but long riders sound like they are starting earlier, so check in with that group if you are interested.

BBQ Short Route - Store stop at mile 24.8
BBQ Long Route - Store stop at mile 37.4 - There are a couple detour options if you're in need.

Head's BBQ, 1055 Doris Winters Rd, Cedar Hill, TN 37032, (615) 566-5843 - Quite a few folks hung around outside last year so it might be a good idea to bring folding chairs to supplement the picnic tables. Remember to park along the fence since we will be there awhile.

Mike and Sherry's slide show from last year. 

Excusable Homicide?

Dan Ford was drunk and speeding and killing. Kate Richardson died July 12, 2011 in Cocke County, Tennessee because of the choices made by Dan Ford. He pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and will serve a grand total of two days in jail for  DUI but not for committing vehicular homicide which can carry a maximum sentence of six years. Ford is a former chair of the Cocke County Republican Party and a failed politician. Shortly after the accident his attorney attempted to blame the victim for riding her bicycle down a dark highway. (click here for BWT Post)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Harpeth River Ride is a big success

It's hard to describe riding with thousands of riders but its awesome. The Fogbees had a big turnout! Great time. Great ride....