Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fogbee Jerseys Have Been Ordered

The order for the Fogbee jerseys was placed this week. Delivery will be about 4 to 5 weeks., and I will update the blog as I get more information.

Bob G.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Bike Law Takes Effect 7/1/10

Bike Walk Tennessee working in conjunction with Don Campbell of Knoxville TN was able to secure passage of a new Traffic Light law in Tennessee. First: the law does not allow a bicyclist to run a stop light. What the law allows is:

1. A bicyclist, after coming to a full and complete stop at a traffic light,

2. and the traffic light is controlled by a vehicle detection device that does not detect the bicycle,

3. and after exercising due care as provided by law,

4. may proceed with due caution when it is safe to do so.

Again: The law does not allow a bicyclist to run a stop light.

For the complete law Click Here

The FOGBEES (read more about how we were involved) and Hendersonville Greenway Committee asked Senator Diane Black to be a co-sponsor of this bill and she gladly agreed. If Diane is your Senator (District 18), please send her a thank you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Donovan's Winning Goal

Dear Fogbees, As many of you may know, I play ice hockey on Sundays with Landon Donavans father,Tim, in Nashville. Landon, is of course, a national hero after scoring the winning goal a few days ago vs. Algeria in the FIFA World Cup. Tim is in South Africa for the month watching his son and the USA go for the gold. He sent me this you tube site today and you have to watch it bc even if you hate soccer you will love the patriotism and get a great laugh (and maybe cry) .. Gary

Monday, June 21, 2010


Ms. Kara St. Cin, from Doubletree Hotel, and myself have talked and you will be able to get your reservations for the trip at the $85 rate now that the agreement has been sent to her by fax a few minutes ago. Phil and Christy, the hotel should be calling you today to confirm your reservations and rate. If you don't receive a call please try reservations again tomorrow as everything should be in order now. All those going on the trip please go ahead and make your reservations now. Thanks. Gary

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Less Waterin' Hole

Town & Country Market on Hwy 109 at the top of the ridge has closed. So if you liked stopping there before sreamin down Bugg Hollow or to recover after the climb, you're closest alternatives are:

Graball Market, Dobbins Pike & South Tunnel Road
Cottontown Market, 2 miles north of Bugg Hollow on Hwy 25.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


As promised I have an important update on our trip in August. AS OF NOW... we have 32 people going and 7 who have said maybe! The dates are certain and are the 13th-15th. We are staying at the Doubletree Hotel in Collinsville. The hotel has agreed to reduce its rate from $109 per night ($98 on,etc) to a very reasonable $85 per night. To make your reservation please call 1-618-345-2800 and ask for Kara St. Cin or reservations. You can also call 1-800-551-5133. You must tell them you are with the "Fogbees Bicycling Group" and make sure you demand the $85 per night rate. For some reason I did not get a code for you all to make an online reservation. If there is any problem ask for Kara. If that does not work contact me. I strongly suggest you make your reservations as soon as possible as the weekend we are riding is the same weekend for Cards-Cubs baseball.
Also, good news. We will be having a cookout at my brother-in-laws home and will have burgers, braghts (don't know if this is the correct spelling!) etc. The food will be purchased and we will divide the cost per person. He also has a pool so bring your swimsuit if you would like. The cookout will start after 6 pm.
The Saturday ride we will leave around 7:30 am and will be 60 miles (if you want to ride all the way back-it will be 86 miles). We will ride to Grafton (43 miles) and have lunch at "The Loading Dock" on the Mississippi. We will ride back 17 miles and you can get picked up at the Lewis & Clark park if you want to. If you want to keep going its another 26 miles back to the hotel. The ride is generally very flat.
Those not riding will have many options to shop, sightsee in St. Louis, etc. which is being planned by my wife, Cindy. Saturday night is really going to be up to you. There will be a trip to a casino, dinner options or whatever you want to do.
Sunday we will do a trail only ride of about 30 miles leaving at 7:30 am again. After the ride you can leave, have lunch or some have indicated a desire to take in the Cards-Cubs game at 1:30pm that day.
I hope this information helps you all with regard to plans. PLEASE POST WHEN YOU HAVE RESERVED YOUR ROOM. ALSO, IF YOU HAVE ROOM TO TAKE SOMEONE IN YOUR CAR POST IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This looks to be a great trip. More details to follow.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fogbees Jersey Order.

If everyone who said they wanted a sleeveless jersey orders will have enough. Since we reached 10 people we can now order short sleeve and long sleeve if anybody would like one.

Now the hard part I need to collect the money and sizes. We can not not place the ordered until we have collected the money. I would like to place the order on July 1st. I hope to have the jerseys by early Aug. Please bring you check to the next ride and or contact Bob G or Tom E. to make arrangements to pay for the order.

Bob's email

Jersey Pricing
long Sleeve $52
Short Sleeve $41
Sleeveless $41

Jersey information

Thursday, June 17, 2010


What an amazing response to the St. Louis trip. Presently we have approximately 30 people (20 riders) who plan on riding on the MCT Trails in August! The trip will be August 13th-15th so pray for great weather. Because of the scale of people going its been decided that a cook out at my brother in laws may not work bc of the amount of food needed and preparing it. There are many good restaurants in the area and we can meet at one or have dinner at the hotel. Which brings us to the hotel. I was aghast to find out recently that the Country Hearth did not have 15 rooms available and thought the trip was doomed but bc of my brother in laws quick thinking he suggested we stay in Collinsville (5 miles south of Edwardsville at the beautiful "Doubletree Hotel". It is rated on Trip Advisor as the #1 hotel in that area and has a direct street corridor about two blocks from the southern part of the MCT Schoolhouse Trail ! It has a Porters Steakhouse in the hotel and a great Mexican restaurant next door. I am trying to negotiate a group rate but even on you can get a room for $98 per night which is only $5.00 per night more than the Country Hearth. The Schoolhouse Trail is beautiful and is a great place to start the ride. you will love it. As soon as I can confirm a group rate I suggest you go ahead and get your reservation booked. I will work on the details of the trip in the next few weeks and keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heat Exhaustion

It looks like it's going to be a long hot summer and I thought we should all be aware of the danger of heat exhaustion, how to recognize it, and what to do if it happens. I know of a couple of brushes we've had with it in the past and I don't want to see anybody get hurt by it if we can help it. Bruce, if you can think of anything to add please feel free.

Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is one of the heat-related syndromes, which range in severity from mild heat cramps to heat exhaustion to potentially life-threatening heatstroke.
Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion often begin suddenly, sometimes after excessive exercise, heavy perspiration, and inadequate fluid or salt intake. Signs and symptoms resemble those of shock and may include:
• Feeling faint or dizzy
• Nausea or vomiting
• Heavy sweating
• Rapid, weak heartbeat
• Low blood pressure
• Cool, moist, pale skin
• Low-grade fever
• Muscle cramps
• Weakness
• Headache
• Fatigue
• Dark-colored urine
• Fast shallow breathing
If you suspect heat exhaustion:
• Get the person out of the sun and into a shady or air-conditioned location.
• Lay the person down and elevate the legs and feet slightly.
• Loosen or remove the person's clothing.
• Have the person drink cool water or other nonalcoholic beverage without caffeine.
• Cool the person by spraying or sponging him or her with cool water and fanning.
• Monitor the person carefully. Heat exhaustion can quickly become heatstroke.
• Seek medical attention if symptoms worsen or last longer than 1 hour.
• If fainting, confusion or seizures occur, call 911.
If heat exhaustion is untreated, it may progress to heat stroke, which is a medical emergency. Call 911 immediately if: symptoms are severe, or the person has heart problems or high blood pressure.

Click here for more info on our Web Site 

Landmark Perishes in Lightning Strike

For those of us who biked the Little Miami Trail in Ohio, a day of mourning is in order. The "Touchdown Jesus" on I-75 north of Cincinatti is no more.

Here Come the Gals

"The Heat is On" from Jim Fryer/BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bike Tune-up

Hey Fogbees

My wife found this on Groupon. It is a $65 bike tune up for only $30. The discount is for Endurance Sports and Rec in Franklin.

St. Louis Summer Bike Trip!

It's a Gary extravaganza! Click here to see what he is planning. Also, while on his Web Page be sure to watch the PhotoShows by Bruce. They are some of our best and really put you in the mood.
Gary says, "If you and any significant other would like to go please post in the next week so plans can be made. There will be more info in the next few weeks after I see what kind of response."

Tom_E says, "The St. Louis trip is probably the most ideal bike trip we can do. The Greenways are right out the door of a comfortable and reasonably-priced hotel, food and FOGBEE juice are just across the street, and its flat enough for riders of any skill. We can set up both long and short rides, but every ride is LITE. If you can work this one into your schedule, I highly recommend it"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Deja vu ?

I had to ask Tom and Doug to pinch me. Was Big Looy's back ?

As we rode down the old Wal Mart parking lot past the Sear's outlet it became apparent that Looy's was indeed dead; however, in it's place was the Jolly Olly. We unsaddled and clambered in sitting at a once favorite table, where we ordered three bottles of Fat Tire. Just like the good old days !

Though not our original haunt, Jolly Olly proved friendly and accommodating as ever to the FOGBEES. I plan to return. You should too.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LOCK 4 Rebuild & Pro Clinic

Help Us Rebuild Lock 4 West Loop Trails!!
June 13th you can be part of Lock 4's Future. We need your help to build bridges and rework the trail tread on one of Tennessee state's most popular mountain bike trails. You can join us at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm for a day of construction and dirt work followed by a dinner time cookout. We will even get to ride on what we work on before the day ends. Please RSVP NOW or by June 10th so we can plan on work party details and food. email

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tourture de Cave

5 Fogbees rode in Kentucky yesterday at the Tour de Cave (Miley,Mike. Phil, Lisa and me). Miley, Mike and I did the 70 mile route. I just wanted to whine and say this ride was brutal. 94 degrees with the toughest route I have ever ridden. I watched a rider snap a chain midway up a crazy, steep (steep is too nice of a word) hill. Giant hills where riders walked! There was no mercy on the bike route we were presented with. There was "no easy" bc if you got a downhill the result was an uphill 3 times harder or 3 uphills to your one down! I was exhausted beyond what words can describe and my limits were tested but...I finished and I did not walk so...I give credit to my fellow Fogbees who shared the PAIN.

Getting to the MS Rides: Memphis & Nashville

She's SO smart!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Volunteers Needed

An advocacy opportunity for people that really want to do something. These are activities that are direct and have proven results, one in Williamson County's backyard, the other in Murfreesboro.

FYI - Drew Jacobs is employed part-time by Walk/Bike Nashville for Train the Trainer, and is working a contract grant through YMCA of Middle Tennessee issued by the SRTS National Partnership. I can count the number of people across Tennessee paid to promote bicycling on one hand. But obviously they're making big differences.

From Drew:

"I need some help next week with two events, one is a Train the Trainers event in Thompson's Station on Tuesday June 8th and the second is a more bicycle rodeo style event at a boy scout day camp in Murfreesboro on Friday June 11th.

For the June 8th event, I mainly need volunteers to help out in the afternoon with the on bike portion. For June 8th, I will also need someone to haul the trailer to Thompson's Station and back.

For the June 11th event, there will be something like 300 kids. The boy scout troop will have their own volunteers but obviously, the more we can bring to handle our materials, the better. I will be meeting with the director of this event on Friday June 4th, and will have more in depth details then about volunteer needs and how the day will go."

Essentially "Train the Trainer" teaches PE teachers to train kids on how to walk and ride to school safely. These are your future adult riders that will spend less time playing video games and more time working on that childhood obesity problem in our state.

If you want to help, please contact Drew Jacobs at