Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tourture de Cave

5 Fogbees rode in Kentucky yesterday at the Tour de Cave (Miley,Mike. Phil, Lisa and me). Miley, Mike and I did the 70 mile route. I just wanted to whine and say this ride was brutal. 94 degrees with the toughest route I have ever ridden. I watched a rider snap a chain midway up a crazy, steep (steep is too nice of a word) hill. Giant hills where riders walked! There was no mercy on the bike route we were presented with. There was "no easy" bc if you got a downhill the result was an uphill 3 times harder or 3 uphills to your one down! I was exhausted beyond what words can describe and my limits were tested but...I finished and I did not walk so...I give credit to my fellow Fogbees who shared the PAIN.


Tom_E said...

Lisa reported the same on her FB post, even regarding the 40-miler. Sometimes I make good decisions. I briefly considered this ride, but something told me "you're better off NOT doing it." Saturday's LITE ride had a great turnout and was the better alternative.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a real character builder. You know the route is brutal when you come to regret every downhill because of what will be after it.

philandlisa said...

Glad to hear that we were not the only ones feeling the pain. The 45 mile route was tough as well. Those were some crazy hills - I wonder why Doug never mentioned that he helped plan this route. :)