Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Any ideas for me

I am looking to use my Iphone as a GPS for riding. Any recommendations for an app to use? Not really looking to buy a Garmin, Any good ideas??

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Long Hollow Planning Charrette

      Long Hollow Pike is an official Tennessee Bike Route and a popular ride for FOGBEES.  Sumner County has engaged the Walker Collaborative to review planning for this important corridor.  If you want to offer your thoughts on the matter, the County is conducting a  
Public Charrette on Monday August 29'th at Long Hollow Baptist Church from 6PM to 8PM 
      David Shumaker has been deeply involved with this planning at would like others to join him at this meeting.
      For more information about this meeting click here http://www.sumnertn.org/information/news/august-2016/long-hollow-area-planning-charrette-scheduled 

For the Bicyclist Who Has Everything

     Jealous of Norise with his bike speakers?  Like music while you bike, but don't want to violate bike safety laws by using ear-buds?  Here's a winner that has just gone on sale at 71% off the claimed retail price.
     Wireless Speaker, Venstar Waterproof Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 6w Strong Speaker Driver Passive Radiator with Remote Controller and Metal Hook Loop for Outdoor Sports Travel Bicycle Cycling  
     Check out at https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Waterproof-Portable-Bluetooth-Controller/dp/B012WDS72K?tag=techconnect00-20&SubscriptionId=AKIAIRZJHSP2SKQIWVZA&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B012WDS72K

Fogbee hats

I turned in our order today to Ink'n Screens and they should have our hats completed in 2 -3 weeks. During this time I need to collect the money. I will bring a spreadsheet displaying each order with me to tonight's ride. You can send me an email, bhbeisel@yahoo.com, if you want me to send your cost directly to you. I would prefer cash but will take a check. The price varies based on the hat and the work each of you selected so I cannot just give one price for every hat.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fogbee hats-final notice

Final notice! I am taking everything I have to Ink'n Screens on Thursday. If you are providing a hat to be embroidered I need it by Wednesday. If you want to place an order send me an email by Wednesday, bhbeisel@yahoo.com. I don't know how long this will take but I will ask on Thursday.

Red Boiling Springs Sept 17 & 18

Everything is still on schedule for our RBS Ride in September. Last update with the hotels is the Armour is still 100% booked with a waiting list but the Donoho has appox 9 rooms available. So if you've been undecided its time to decide so you don't miss out on this traditional Fogbee weekend.

I do have two request, I need to know if anyone is planning on starting in Hartsville on Saturday and riding back to Hartsville on Sunday.

Also I need a volunteer with a truck or van that would be willing to transport overnight luggage (coolers) to the Armour House and Donoho Hotels for those of us that are riding on Saturday and Sunday. Would need to meet at Blue Grass Bar and Grill Saturday morning 9/17 at 8:00AM.
This is not for the 3 day riders as they have made their own arrangements for Friday and Saturday.

Please leave a comment below, contact me at an up coming ride or feel free to call me at 615-887-6382


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fogbee hats

Ink'n Screens has the artwork and is ready to begin work on our hats but a couple of things have to happen first. I need all the hats being provided by individuals, 12 on my list. The hats to be ordered (the same ones as previously selected from Blankshirts.com) will not be ordered until I have all 12 of the individually purchased hats so that I can give everything to the business at one time. If anyone still wants to order a hat please send me an email by Sunday the 21st at bhbeisel@yahoo.com with the style/color/size so it can be included. I have to cut this off so the work can move forward and must have all the information & hats for the work to begin. That is only possible if you do your part and get me what I need by Sunday. Finally, for those that have placed an order there is an option to put your first name, in cursive, on the right side of the hat. Please let me know if you want this for an additional $4.00. I will bring the list with me to the rides this week so if you have any questions please catch me then. If you can't ride or want to send me an email please do so this week.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Update on FOGBee hats

I have good news to share today after I met with Ink'n Screens. The estimated cost of for each hat works out to be approximately $17 plus the cost of the hat. This could change a little depending on if I get more orders and the cost of the hats. Nine hats are what I am aware of being given to me by individuals. Ink'n Screens is looking at their sources and have not given me a price for hats yet but they said they could do as well as or better than Blankshirts.com. The hat will be configured this way: FOGBee Bee on the front, Cycling logo on the left side in white, and FOGBees.com arched across the back in yellow. This way the colors are all from the same color palate on our jerseys. So I am ready now to receive hats from folks that are supplying their own hat. The rest of the hats will be ordered as soon as a comparison to the hats we were going to order from Blankshirts. The work should begin very soon as Ink'n Screens expect to have the digitized files back next week. I will bring a spreadsheet to the next few rides so please see me and be sure I have your information correct. I apologize for this taking longer than expected but S**t happens.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Red Boiling Springs Hotel Update (rev comments 8/10/16)

Our weekend ride to Red Boiling Springs will be here before you know it. If your planning on the 3 day ride thru Gordonsville (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) the 2 day ride (Saturday, Sunday) or even if your not 100% sure yet you need to make your room reservations.

The Armour House is currently full with a waiting list but the Donoho Hotel just down the street still has rooms available (12 as of today). The Donoho has gone thru a remodel with updated rooms and Wendy is proud and excited to show it off, so call Wendy and make your reservations 615-699-3141 (if no answer leave a message and she will call you back).

The Donoho rate is $89 for a double occupancy including breakfast, we will have a group dinner at the Armour House on Saturday Night. If you plan on staying at the Donoho we just need to let Dennis know at the Armour how many for dinner, I can get that number as we get closer to the date.

This is a tour ride and a FOGBEE favorite that you don't want to miss. Make you plans now.
More updates and route information coming soon.


Red Boiling Springs 3 Day Ride

There has been some interest in a 3 day ride to Red Boiling Springs.  The plan is to leave Hendersonville on Friday and ride 71 Miles to Center Hill Marina.  The Marina has a number of cabins that sleep anywhere from 4 to 12 ranging in price from $190 to $290 per night. They have a 2 night minimum.  SO, to spend one night they charge the nightly rate times 1.5.  Still works out cheaper than a hotel.  The cabins are on the lake with a view.

On Saturday morning, we would ride to Hartsville.  We wold then meet the Saturday group leaving Hendersonville for lunch and then ride to Red Boiling Springs.

It would be the usual route back on Sunday.

I need to know asap who is in for the 3 day ride so I can make reservations at the Marina. 

Below are the proposed routes.  I have different versions of what we could do on Saturday.

Friday Route

Saturday Ride Option 1

Saturday Ride Option 2