Thursday, August 11, 2016

Update on FOGBee hats

I have good news to share today after I met with Ink'n Screens. The estimated cost of for each hat works out to be approximately $17 plus the cost of the hat. This could change a little depending on if I get more orders and the cost of the hats. Nine hats are what I am aware of being given to me by individuals. Ink'n Screens is looking at their sources and have not given me a price for hats yet but they said they could do as well as or better than The hat will be configured this way: FOGBee Bee on the front, Cycling logo on the left side in white, and arched across the back in yellow. This way the colors are all from the same color palate on our jerseys. So I am ready now to receive hats from folks that are supplying their own hat. The rest of the hats will be ordered as soon as a comparison to the hats we were going to order from Blankshirts. The work should begin very soon as Ink'n Screens expect to have the digitized files back next week. I will bring a spreadsheet to the next few rides so please see me and be sure I have your information correct. I apologize for this taking longer than expected but S**t happens.


Brian beisel said...

I learned today that Ink'n Screens can embroider your name (in cursive) onto the right side if you want this option. Additional $4.00 for this work. White in color to go along with the color scheme on the other items.

danny said...

Did you get my order?

Brian beisel said...

Danny - 1 black hat.