Thursday, September 30, 2010

MS to Jack 'n' Back October 2010

- Time to talk strategy !
Please post which ride ( 55 or 75 miler ) you intend to take on the Jack 'n' Back.
Also please post vehicular / bike / rider transportation availability and needs so that we may coordinate our gathering for the event.

Thanks, and keep the fund raising effort up as we rally for MS.

Photo Op - Team FOGBEES


Megan Wingo has reserved time with the MS event photographer @ 6:40 a. m. the morning of the Jack 'n' Back. You can see an example of this on our website taken at previous event.

We will assemble at the far end of the main entry hallway @ 6:35 for our group photo. Be sure to wear your FOGBEES attire for the occasion. If you don't have a FOGBEES jersey, then ask to borrow one for the photo shoot , if not for the entire weekend .

See you @ Motlow !

Dog Bite Law

The state Bike organization has had reports of Dog Problems in Wilson County.  As a consequence I have added Tennessee State Law to our Web Page so everyone is aware of rights.  A paraphrase of the report appears below:
I was bitten by a large dog while on a training ride for a triathlon, and needed 13 stitches.   The owner had to pay my medical bills through court restitution.  I've several friends who have been harmed by dogs running at large -- wrecks and bites.  I went to county meetings, got some good media attention on Channel 2 "That is Messed Up" along with several newspaper articles.  We now have a dedicated committee that will oversee animal control and I am a citizen member of that committee.

We have a limited budget in the county for animal control, and I feel strongly that we need to make sure our roadways and neighborhoods are safe for those who want to use them to pursue health and fitness.  As the judge in my case said, cyclists and runners have a right to be on the roadway, doing what we are supposed to be doing, without being attacked by crazed animals.
If you have a dog issue report it to the sheriff.  That makes the roads safer for everyone.

Please Complete TDOT Survey

Bike Walk Tennessee is assisting TDOT in gathering feedback from bicyclists to use in the preparation of a Tennessee Bike Route System. Please click on this link to read more about this project and complete the survey. It'll take you less than 5 minutes and it is a great way to be sure YOUR voice is heard.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Market closing

I did a 45 mile ride today. Part of my ride was coming down Hwy 25 (turning right off W Hester Rd). As you know there is a store at the bottom of the downhill. Well sadly they are closing Oct 1. That was the only nearby pit-stop for some of our ride.



There is no organized ride tomorrow as most of us will take it easy before the weekend Jack n Back 150+ mile ride.

Monday, September 27, 2010

B-Cycle Event - September 28'th

A B-cycle demonstration event is coming to Nashville! The city is exploring an expansion of its public bike-sharing as a means of alternative transportation, and increasing active-healthy living opportunities. All interested Nashvillians are invited to visit the upcoming demonstration event. Read More

AAA wants to STOP funding Greenways

Ed Thomas thought the following activity would be important for FOGBEES.

The American Automobile Association want to remove all Greenway and Trail funding from the federal highway budget. The president of AAA Mid-Atlantic recently advocated for the elimination of existing federal dollars that help build bicycle and pedestrian trails and sidewalks. These funds have helped create more than 19,000 miles of trails, walking and bicycling facilities across the country—likely including your favorite nearby trail.Click Here to learn more.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ride to Scottsboro, Alabama

Fellow FOGBEE, Scotsman, and connoisseur of leisurely cycle touring, David Irvine, and I are planning a ride to Scottsboro, AL to attend the North Alabama Scottish Festival and Highland games. We will be departing Nashville Sept 29, and spending three days on the road before arriving in Scottsboro October 1. Each day is about 60 miles through some of the best riding anywhere. We will spend first night at Henry Horton SP Inn, second night in Winchester, TN Best Western. Dave and I will be attending the Highland Games and staying at the Scottsboro Hampton Inn but there is also a resort on Lake Guntersville, part of the Tennessee River. We will have Old Rusty prepositioned at Scottsboro for a drive back Sunday.
Scottsboro is home to the Unclaimed Baggage Center where all the major airlines send lost luggage.  No idea why Scottsboro, AL, but there it is and is open Sat 8a-6p.
Anyone interested in joining us please post or email me and we’ll fix you up. I just now realize this is the same weekend as the Jack and Back. Another of those so many events, so little time situations that time of year.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Eastside Bicycle Club to Hear From Local Bike Advocates

Toks Omishakin, Director of Healthy Living for Mayor Karl Dean will speak to the Eastside Bicycle Club, September 28 at 7 pm. The meeting will be held at Eastside Cycles, 103 South 11th Street (Five Points).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Five FOGBEES Ride for the Wounded Warriors

Phil, Tom, Mike, and Sherry joined Bob Gluting to honor the wounded veterans of America. Check out the photos on FOGBEES website @ Shutterfly.

People For Bikes Pledge

In recent years, the bicycle industry has stepped up to support our advocacy and education programs like never before. Much of that leadership has come from Bikes Belong, the industry's advocacy and education organization. We realize that we have a common interest in getting more people on bikes more often and more safely, and we know we need every voice we can muster to have an impact at the Federal, state and local level. That's why I am writing to you today to ask for your help.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Be Part of an Alternate Solution

. . In response to the previous "Obey Traffic Laws" post Christy thought FOGBEES needed to be made aware of the town of Black Hawk banning ALL bicycling riding in town.  I put the details on the Bike Walk Tennessee Blog.  My guess is the Black Hawk City Council did not implement their ordinance out of altruistic concerns for the bicyclists.  More than likely the bicyclists were not "Obeying Black Hawk Traffic Laws" and the Council found an out-right ban to be THEIR simplest solution.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


As the number of bicyclists increase in Sumner County the frequency of issues with motorists increases. Most of our neighboring counties have already had serious issues that prompted them to consider banning bicycles from one of more roads. Those same problems have become a frequent occurrence on FOGBEE rides. So, it is time to remind everyone of the laws in order to eliminate unnecessary conflicts with motorists and to avoid a bicyclist getting hurt. These laws are available on the FOGBEE Web Site.

Please click here to read those laws that have become a FOGBEE issue.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Need a New Ride ?

Tired of your old bike ? Looking for more excitement in your weekly ride ? Want to compete with Mike and Sherry's fancy tandem ? Your sure to find something that appeals to you here !

Working so you can ride

What's Bruce doing?  Doesn't look like work to me.  For more pictures click here.  He is at the Alliance for Biking and Walking Leadership Retreat in Chattanooga.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FedEx Rock 'n Roll MS150

This past weekend the FOGBees were represented at the FedEx Rock 'n Roll MS150 by Bob Miller, Nicole Ellis and Phil & Lisa Houston. Leaving from the Desoto Civic Center in Southaven, MS and riding to Tunica, MS (and back) the ride was well-planned and supported. The accommodations at Harrah's Tunica Resort were exceptional and included with registration for the ride.

Day one started out cloudy and turned to an outright rain shower for at least 20 miles. The Italian dinner that night was followed by a presentation by the NMSS that highlighted rides all over the US. The Jack & Back photos included none other than FOGBee Godfather, Tom Evans, proudly wearing his colors! Bob was recognized during the awards for having ridden in MS150 rides for the past 19 years.

Day two was beautiful and windy! We climbed the fabled hill known as "The Wall" -- ON THE TANDEM!!! We even passed some riders on "single" bikes on the way up. :) Lunch overlooked the scenic Arkabutla Lake reservoir and provided a nice rest midway through the ride. At the finish line, we were greeted with medals to mark our accomplishment of having ridden the distance and a full lunch of Neeley's Memphis Barbecue.

We were sure to "Re-Cycle" for next year's ride and hope that more FOGBees will consider joining us on the adventure. Check out Shutterfly for the photos I managed to snap along the way.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


OK so its not a bicycling video. Heck, it's not even about the Fogbees but if you click on the video your sure to get a laugh and brighten your rainy day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dobbins PIke Rumbling Violates Agreement with TDOT

Dobbins Pike north of Gallatin was resurfaced and rumbled in late August 2010.  The appli-cation violates TDOT March 2010 specification for Rumbling.  We have reported the issue to Bike/Ped Coordinators both in TDOT and the Nashville MPO and are waiting an explanation. For pictures click here