Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dog Bite Law

The state Bike organization has had reports of Dog Problems in Wilson County.  As a consequence I have added Tennessee State Law to our Web Page so everyone is aware of rights.  A paraphrase of the report appears below:
I was bitten by a large dog while on a training ride for a triathlon, and needed 13 stitches.   The owner had to pay my medical bills through court restitution.  I've several friends who have been harmed by dogs running at large -- wrecks and bites.  I went to county meetings, got some good media attention on Channel 2 "That is Messed Up" along with several newspaper articles.  We now have a dedicated committee that will oversee animal control and I am a citizen member of that committee.

We have a limited budget in the county for animal control, and I feel strongly that we need to make sure our roadways and neighborhoods are safe for those who want to use them to pursue health and fitness.  As the judge in my case said, cyclists and runners have a right to be on the roadway, doing what we are supposed to be doing, without being attacked by crazed animals.
If you have a dog issue report it to the sheriff.  That makes the roads safer for everyone.

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