Thursday, July 11, 2024

Saturday Ride, 7/13/24 from White House High School

 I won't have to wait up for Dave to post the routes tonight for Saturday before I can go to sleep because  I am posting the route. Then I can go to sleep.

Going to be another hot one. So, lets get started a little early.  Ride time will be 7:30SM from White House High School.  

Post ride social with be at All Seasons Sports Bar in White House. 

See  you on the road,


48 WHHS Youngville Orlinda Rest Stop 29

51 WHHS Youngville Orlinda Rest Stop 32

53 WHHS Youngville Orlinda Rest stop 34

57 WHHS Youngville Orlinda Rest Stop 37

Some have requested a shorter route:

38 WHHS Orlinda · Ride with GPS  Rest Stop 19

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Thursday's Ride, 7/11/24, from White House High School

 We will ride at 5:30PM from White House High School.  Lets do Tuesday's route Thursday.

See you on the road,


I bought a new Fogbees Jersey from Jackroo without looking at the sizing chart. I ordered a Mens Medium regular cut. I am 5.9 and 165lb and it is way too small for me. I paid $127 including tax and would like to get $75 for it. If you are interested let me know and I will bring to a ride and you can try it on

You can see pictures on the Fogbees Facebook page

Monday, July 8, 2024

RIDE CANCELED Tuesday Ride, 7/9/24, from White House High School

 Windy, chance of rain and tornado watch- CANCELING the RIDE 

We will ride from White House High School at 5:30PM.

See you on the road,


whhs 28 Portland · Ride with GPS

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Saturday Ride, Orlinda at 8 AM

Finally, a Saturday with lower temps and humidity. Let's take advantage with a loop from the Orlinda City Hall/Post Office to Auburn. 

51 miles, store at 28

57 miles, store at 31

If you want less miles, this one goes to Franklin, instead. 

39 miles, store at 25

Recovery at All Seasons Sports Grill in White House. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Independence Day Ride, WH City Park at 7:30

Let freedom roll. See you at the parking lot just north of the football field for a hot, muggy ride. Slight chance of a shower, which might feel good. 

Note: The rest stop, Hancock Family Farm Market, opens at 9 AM.

Being a holiday, our usual recovery spots will be closed. Those interested will need to discuss options. 

Monday, June 24, 2024

Trailer Hitch Bike Rack

Greetings to all Fogbees and Fogbee friends,

I am looking for a trailer-hitch bike rack.  After starting the shopping process, I am in sticker shock.  If anyone has a lead on used rack, I would be very happy to consider buying it.  Please give me a call or shoot me a text with any information.

Thank you,


Thursday, June 13, 2024

Saturday is Mike Only Turns 70 Once Ride

Here are the routes for the ride starting at 8 AM from The Farm. See Mike's previous post for the rest of the details.

38 miles, store at 20

49 miles, store at 29

56 mile, store at 36

Sunday, June 9, 2024

70 for 70 Ride, Thursday, June 13th

 In addition to Saturday's Ride and festivities, per the post below, a group of us are riding 70 miles for my 70th birthday on Thursday, June 13th.  This is going to be an easy paced ride starting in Orlinda at the Post Office and traveling through Kentucky.  We will ride at 7:30AM. 

Come join us,


70 on 70 Final Route · Ride with GPS

You Only Turn 70 Once Ride, Saturday, June 15th

 My wife, Sherry, and my daughter, Meghann,  are throwing a bash for my 70th birthday this Saturday, June 15th, at The Farm because they think its something worth celebrating.   Grilling will include hamburgers and brats. 

As an FYI our favorite Canadian, yes Lindsay, also has a birthday Friday.  She’s getting ever so close to 40 years old.   Great people were born on the 14th, Flad Day!

Dave Miley is going to plan some routes that I am sure that will include some of my favorite roads.  Unfortunately, they probably won't include Dobbins Pike as it is a little too far.  I am sure he will include some others.  Ride time will be at 8:00AM from The Farm. 

My borther-in-law and sister-in-law have offered their pool and pool house for the festivities.  So, bring a chair and side along with your bathing suit and a towel and sun poolside. 

Husbands, wives, significant others are invited as well. 

Post what sides you are going to bring.

Come join the fun.  Who knows, I might even show up.

Watch for updates to the post with routes, etc. 

See you on the road,


Saturday, June 8, 2024