Sunday, June 2, 2024

Andrew Getter

After two weeks of increasing back pain Andrew was found to have multiple abscesses along his epidural spine from neck down. He had surgery to drain these at Southern Hills Medical Center last night. He is back in a Critical care room, alert and generally feeling well. He will have several weeks of antibiotic but how long that will be in hospital depends on infection response. As of now he is in CCU 11 on 2nd floor.

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coastdownhills said...

Andrew update 6/4/24. Andrew's back is progressing nicely. He has a swollen knee now determined to also have an infected bursa. That is scheduled to be removed by a relatively minor procedure tomorrow. They checked his heart valves via trans esophageal echo and saw no problem with valves. The heart was checked since the valves can also be infected by same process that got his knee and spine. He appreciates the kind thoughts and support of the cycling community.