Friday, May 29, 2015

Bike Walk TN Makes Major Leap Forward

     Bike Walk Tennessee announces the hiring of Matt Farr as the organization’s first Executive Director. Founded in 2009, Bike Walk Tennessee is a 501(c)3 organization that advocates for better bicycling and walking in Tennessee. Relying on volunteer capacity, Bike Walk Tennessee has facilitated a jump in Tennessee’s Bicycle-Friendly State ranking from 43rd to 20th over the past five years, and has ushered a widespread resurgence in biking and walking throughout Tennessee’s urban areas.  With dedicated staff capacity, Bike Walk Tennessee expects to be able to propel Tennessee into the national spotlight for innovative bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and programming.
    In 2009 Pat Clemens, Bruce Day, and Tom Evans chartered Bike Walk Tennessee as the State's first non-profit corporation dedicated to improving bicycling and walking facilities across the state. Bike Walk Tennessee sponsors the Tennessee Bike Summit that has been held annually in Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville.  The Summit is widely attended by over 150 participants from private, public, and commercial organizations.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Arnold Palmer Extreme

Anyone who know David Shumaker knows the following picture needs no caption

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Follow Nashville to New York Tour

Follow the Nashville to Newark Tour on their website . (This link is also in the right sidebar of this blog). They are sending me pictures as they travel and I am re-posting on the tour website.  For example, you can find Day #1 pictures by going to their blog, clicking on the 2KNOX Menu Tab, and looking for PICTURES below Day #1 route image.  Click on the PICTURES link.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Really Unacceptable service tonight at Sams Sports Bar and Grill

All- We used to start all our rides at Sams Sports Bar and Grill.   In the last year, we have moved our Thursday night ride to Brixx and Saturday to other restaurants like Bluegrass.

Tonight should have been embarrassing for Sams Sports Bar and Grill as Marsh and I arrived at 6:45, and at 8:02 had still not been approached for our second drink and no food order.  Our waiter snapped at Mike Knake that he didn't seem to understand that they were busy (after waiting an hour and 15 minutes.)  I asked for the manager, and he was in my terms "Totally Useless" even defending the waiter as one of the best.  He also chastised Mike for raising his voice at the waiter.   He failed to apologize for the service level or do anything about it.  Marsha was so pissed she just left.  We had 23 patrons there tonight and got treated like crap!!

If you feel the same way about our service tonight, please go to the Sams website and send them a complaint telling about your lousy experience.  I also mentioned in my complaint that not only the club patronizing, but all the business customers I have brought there for lunch or dinner.  If I don't get a good answer, we may ride from their parking lot, but I may not spend my money there!!

Forward this blog post to all you think need to know!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Retired Old Turtles Always Stop for ICE CREAM

Some have wondered why the RETIRED OLD TURTLES always end their rides with a stop for ICE CREAM.  Below is the best explanation I have found thus far

One day I had lunch with some old friends. Jim, a short, balding turtle bicyclist type, about 85-years old, came along with them; all in all, it was a pleasant bunch.

When the menus were presented, my friends and I ordered salads, sandwiches, and soups, except for Jim who said, "A large piece of home-made apple pie, heated please."

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Help Request - W/B Nashville

Hi Local Club Leaders/Riders!
Happy Bike Month!

We're looking for a few more experienced riders to help lead and sweep the Tour de Nash this year, and I thought of you all! We're looking for 2 more leaders for our 30 mile route (the Gran Tour) and an additional sweep for the Metric Century route.

If you are interested, or if you know anyone in your clubs/teams that are interested, please send them my way! Sweeps and leads of course ride for free and will have our eternal thanks (in addition to a tshirt).

And I also wanted to invite you all to join Team Nashville in the National Bike Challenge ( We've challenged Memphis and Chattanooga to see how many riders and miles we can log per resident. It would be AWESOME to have some of our local club teams join us. We'll also have prizes and awards for the local riders and teams who log the most points. Yay for competition!

Nora Kern, Program Coordinator
Education & Advocacy
w: (615) 933-8261
c: (615) 260-1988