Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tour de Cure

. . First Tour de Cure in Springfield drew a little over 200 cyclist, a little less than organizers had planner for, but was an excellent event. Well planned, well organized, it is likely to become a major atttraction for cyclists in Middle Tennessee. And as you can see from the above photo, the FOGBEES had great representation as one of the most prominent clubs. (Phil has got his photos on Snapfish)
. . The many volunteers provided bell ringers, cheer leaders, food/drink, and mechanical support at Rest Stops situated every 12 miles. Plus an army of SAG vehicles patrolled the routes to ensure everyone was safe. They provided both a breakfast and a great wrap-up lunch with prime rib, BBQ ribs, shrimp, hamburgers, and hot dogs.
. . Dave Miley and Mike Poole probably turned in the best run, averaging nearly 18 mph over the 100-mile route and Nicole completed her first 100-miler in 7 hrs and 50 minutes. The rest of us peddled at a more relaxed pace through some remote and scenic areas in nearly 80-degree, cloudless skies.
(Phil's PhotoShow
. . A great time was had by all. As one of the organizers kept repeating, "Jack watch your back."
WARNING: Photoshow has issues with Chrome Browser. Use IE or FireFox.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Biking in PA

For those interested, I have posted on Snapfish a few pictures of my riding domain here in PA.  Now that things have greened up, the country side is quite nice.  I have learned that when using "Map My Ride", 15% grades get averaged out over the total ride distance so I now look more closely at the elevation chart to avoid surprises.  I have seen a number of riders up here, but no groups and now I know why.  Asking at a local bike shop, there are no organized groups so I guess I will have to form a FogBee chapter.  I think I have found what could serve as our biker bar, so that's a start.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FREE Jack 'n Back Registration - TOO LATE

This one day only, you can register for the Jack Daniel's "Bike to Jack & Back" bike MS ride for FREE


Please watch Jack 'n Back Web Page for further information (rooms, etc) as Team Captain Phil Vickery provides it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 day tour recap.

Another successful tour thanks to the help of friends and family. Especially David Irvine who allowed us to park in his drive and even brought Ole Rusty back from Henry Horton for us. Phil's yellow jacket kept the rain at bay for all of us. My images are at Snapfish

The PhotoShow is ready. You can view it at . Thanks to Bruce who made it happen and to Dave Irvine who went out of his way to help out with the logistics. . . Tom

3 Day Tour Warm Up

and where was Gary the night before the 3 Day Tour leg from Henry Horton State Park to Cedars of Lebanon Park ?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring 3 day tour, May 23, 24, 25, Memorial Weekend

The stars did not align for me to participate in the French Lick excursion and I had resigned myself to no Spring Tour this year for the first time this millennium. Then Fogbee #1 encouraged me to re-examine my priorities and my schedule. The result is a redo of last year's Three-Day Tour (includes a video) which all seemed to enjoy. Good weather helped. Click here is my proposal for the Fogbee Spring 3 day tour 2009.

Two people are already planning to not ride Saturday and join us at Henry Horton for one and two days. Each day is about 60 miles and less hilly than average for middle Tennessee. The overall pace will be slower than anything you've ever done on a group ride and frequent stops are to be expected.


Ride of Silence - Wednesday PICTURES ADDED

Nashville will host a Ride of Silence ride starting from Centennial Park in Nashville on Wednesday, May 20. The ride will depart Centennial Park at 7:00 PM CST. Join other Nashville cyclists in this silent slow-paced ride (max. 12 mph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while bicycling on public roadways. Visit to learn more about this world wide endeavor. Why does this ride exist?
- To HONOR those who have been injured or killed.
- To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here.
- To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD.
For more information go to

For pictures of this year's ride, Click following: 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brian's Creme' de la Creme' Hill Ride

Having bailed on the Big Hill Challenge & the Tour de Nash, I sought redemption this sabbath by purging my unrequited soul and following the prophet in the wilderness of hilly Sumner County, Brian Kortness. Contemplating my first ascent up McMurtry ( CannOnball's work better when shot down hill ) , I pedaled with particular angst up one side of Hogan Branch and coasted down the other wondering if I'd have to dismount before cresting McMurtry.

After climbing McMurtry, followed in succession by Mud Hollow, Cummins, and Longview, I pinched myself as I hurdled down the west facing slope of Longview realizing that, yes, fat old guys can. True, I was the last rider to the top of each hill; however, my confidence level has elevated for riding tougher terrain.

Next time Brian posts this ride, you should do it ! If this genuinely Fat Old Guy on a Bike can do it so can you.

Thanks to Brian and Tom Benim for hanging with me and inspiring me to take on the creme' de la creme' of our local hills. I look forward to another "training" ride.


This is my son,Tyler's, goal that he scored for his High School varsity soccer team ( Station Camp). He is a sophomore and this goal made the schools highlight page. This goal was made in the Regional playoffs. Station Camp is now in the State playoffs. I'm proud of him and wanted to share this with my Fogbee friends. Of course, Tyler's athletic skill must come from his "Dad"! Don't you all agree? Thanks Gary

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daily Morning Ride

Is anyone interested in a daily ride first thing in the morning starting around 5:30-6 in the White House area?? I try to ride about 15-20 miles every morning before work... If your interested let me know and I'll start posting some maps of where I ride.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Handful of Fogbees Brave Big Hill Challenge

Photobucket While some crawled back into bed, these five showed up and represented the Fogbees in Watertown. The start was delayed an hour as organizers altered the route around flooding roads. When the ride started, so did the rain and it kept up for two hours. But hey, the rushing creeks and Caney Fork and numerous cascades falling into the hollows were an added attraction. Allan and Phil, I have messages for you from others that were looking for you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

French Lick PhotoShow

Enjoy the show click here . Click on the FULL SCREEN at bottom edge for best experience.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gary Humor - Unnamed

French Lick & Watertown Big Hill Challenge

It takes an extraordinary amount of time and commitment to put a trip like French Lick together. Doug and Marsha had everything perfect, well planned and well executed, including the weather, which we still can't figure out how they turned a horrible rainy forecast to near perfect cycling conditions of a blue sky and great temperatures. Special thanks to Marsha and Renee who "sagged" the entire ride, giving up their day at the spa for the cyclists.
I have put Marsha's, Renee's and my pictures on Snapfish (including the infamous one). Others who took pictures PLEASE share (preferably on Picasa or Flickr) so we can put together a Photoshow of the best collection.
Regarding the Big Hill Challenge - no hill on that ride matches the French Lick ride (not even close). Several of us did the ride last year (click here to see our review). It's a great ride which I highly recommend.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

FOGBEES at 3S3M - Newspaper Shot

I was thumbing through some 3s3m photos and found this shot:
No, I didn't ride it this year....

From: Pat Clements

Looks like Mike Poole

3 State 3 Mountain

I'm truly glad to hear that you had good weather for French Lick. We kept all the nasty stuff for 3S3M. It looked promising until about 10 minutes before the start. Then it drizzled and by the time we were heading up the first mountain, Suck Creek, it was torrential, plus lightning. Lots of folks bailed out either at the start or at the top of Suck Creek and then turned around an coated back to town. FOr those who continued on to the rest stop on the other side of the mountain, it was an exercise in mass hypothermia. No kidding the rescue squad was handing out sheets and blankets and the organizers called a bus to take the poor unfortunates ( or the foolish ones who were wearing summer gear only) back to Finley Stadium.

At this point Bryan had already had 3 flats. On his 4th, he sagged to the next rest stop and finally got a good fix. I was lucky...when I was cleaning my bike today, i found a large gash in my rear tire and matching but similar one on the front.

We all did varying degrees of the metric century. Mike did the route as published. I got off the route (I blame the cue sheet now that I went back and looked again it never said to turn!)

Interestingly enough it was dry for the whole ride home. All in all it was a character building experience. :)