Thursday, August 27, 2009

Governor Bredesen Announces $17 Million In Enhancement Grant

Governor Phil Bredesen and Transportation Commissioner Gerald Nicely announced Wednesday $17 million in transportation enhancement grants for projects in 39 Tennessee communities and one statewide grant. The grants will assist local communities with the development of a variety of projects designed to enhance the state's transportation infrastructure. Of local interest are the following:

Davidson Harding Place Sidewalk and Bikeways Enhancement $880,440
Sumner Station Camp Greenway and Trailhead Development - Phase I $339,936
Wilson Cedar City Trail - Phase V $500,000

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jerseys - Please PAY Doug ASAP

Please go to Swap Shop Page to see the order. We have 22 Men and 9 women. We are now collecting $55 each and will refund the overage when we get the jerseys (just like we did last time) This is a GREAT Price on a high quality custom jersey. DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE!

We have a NEW SPONSOR - The Smile Center - replacing Big Looy. Please get your payment to Doug ASAP to avoid unnecessary delays.

Bike Walk Tennessee Becomes Official

Pat Clements signs Corporate Charter while Bruce watches. I filed it today making Bike Walk Tennessee official. Thanks to FOGBEES Tim Nichols and David Irvine who also participated with the Founders' Committee in the preparation.

Monday, August 17, 2009

East Tennessee Adventure

On August 28, Phil & I are traveling to the Jonesborough/Johnson City area. I grew up there and have re-connected with an old friend, who, as coincidence would have it, is also a cyclist. She will take us on a route around the area so we can enjoy some of the local sights. This is, by no means, a formal FOGBee excursion, but I do want to let everyone know that they’re welcome to come along. I think it will be nice to get to see a different part of the state via bicycle. I have a “connection” so we’ve gotten a pretty sweet deal on a room at The Carnegie Hotel (

I actually have two rooms reserved JUST IN CASE anyone else is interested!

It’s about 5 hours away – I-40 East to US 81 to 11E – but in my opinion, worth the drive. We’ll be staying both Friday & Saturday nights and will return on Sunday, August 30.

If you’d like to join us, please let us know! We’d love to have you. :)

Goodlettsville - Bike/Ped Plan Meeting

The City of Goodlettsville will hold a public meeting on Monday, August 17, at 6:30 pm to receive community input on how to make Goodlettsville a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly community. The public meeting is one step in an effort to develop a plan that is intended to result in a bicycle and pedestrian master plan for Goodlettsville that will increase walking and biking opportunities within the City and to adjoining communities.

Having sidewalk and bikeway facilities that connect neighborhoods with commercial centers, the library, parks, and schools is extremely important for our citizens and those visiting Goodlettsville,” said John Finch, Mayor of the City of Goodlettsville.

FOGBEES, especially those who live in and near Goodlettsville, have a civic duty to attend this meeting. For more info click here.
. . . Tom_E

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jeff Smythe

Jeff Smythe crashed this morning on Indian Lake Blvd. near Demos. He is now home with a concussion and road rash, but otherwise in ok, but sore condition.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

new FOGBEE rap song

Sorry guys, my computer linking skills are stinking

so I was forced to redo my thinking

follow the link to You Tube and search " Robin Moore"

for his video "Performance" and a tune you can't ignore

Monday, August 10, 2009

Follow Bike Walk TN on Twitter

Bike Walk Tennessee is on Twitter. If clicking on the title doesn't take you there directly, you can go to and enter


If that doesn't work, well . . .

Seriously, one of those avenues should work. I am having a wee problem due to working this account and mine on the same PC (don't tell the Governor, but I am stealing a few post-lunch minutes). What I am seeing probably won't be what you see.

While you are out there in the social cyber arena, if you are a FaceBook user, go to our new group Bike Walk Tennessee.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunrise Century

We are two weeks away from the early registration deadline for the Clarksville Sunrise Century. Early registration saves you $10. The site is There are 32- and 61- mile options as well as the century. I've ridden many of these roads... beautiful, mostly flat with minimal traffic. It should be a lovely ride.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pool Party & Kids' Tri

. . Please excuse my bad manners for not getting this THANK YOU out earlier. Bob and Peggy, the pool party was great. Thanks for having it. It sure looked to me that everyone was enjoying themselves and maybe a few were over-enjoying themselves. Even the rain couldn't chase away a few guests that never seemed to want to go home.
. . We also got a big thanks from Charlene and Marilyn for the half-dozen FOGBEES (& wife) that volunteered a couple hours of their time to help at the Kids' Tri and watch future FOGBEES do their stuff.