Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Note From the Armour House

A big THANKS to all of you guys for joining us this past weekend here in Red Boiling Springs for your annual Fall Ride.

We certainly hope everybody had a good time ... was comfortable ... and enjoyed the meals and ambiance of our historic grand old hotel.

We always truly enjoy having you guys visit. The Fogbees are a class act  ... and yes, we and our almost 100 year old building survived the onslaught just fine !!

Warm regards to everybody ... and we hope to see y'all again sometime soon ... either as a group or individually as the opportunity may arise.

Thanks again ...

Dennis & Debra Emery
Armour's Red Boiling Springs Hotel

Ride To The Sky - Oct 24th Registration

If you are planning on doing the Ride To The Sky this year, early registration ends on 10/1/15 at 12:00AM MDT (whatever that is).   It is $40 till than and $50 after that.

Below is the link


Sounds like a great ride with one of the sponsors being Calfkiller Brewery. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Magazine Article

One of the "Day Tours" of the ROTten FOGBEE sub-group was to Gainesboro TN to visit a family heading to Israel.  It became the topic of our October article in the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine.  Click here to view a copy

You'll have to click the little + tool in the upper right to enlarge it for reading. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Successful, Fun FOGBEE Weekend...Thank You!

Just want to give a shout out to all those that made this past weekend to Red Boiling Springs a huge success. Thanks Bruce Day for organizing the weekend and putting everything together from communicating with the hotel and the Fogbees along with planning the routes; also anyone behind the scenes that may have helped out.

Thank you to the ladies that carried luggage up on Saturday, I know Doug M. wife and Tracie S, and if I missed someone thank you also.

To all the wives and or significant others, Tracie S, Sherri K, Misty G, Dee P, Dawn A, Laura, Sharon E and Rosemary V, that brought food for when we arrived. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

To everyone that had a part and helped out...THANK YOU! we had a great time, good weather and a safe ride with no vehicle issues that I know of and only a few mechanical problems.

If you have never been on a Fogbee overnight weekend ride you don't know what your missing. Good times, good routes, good hotels, good food, cold beer and Great Company!

Again THANK YOU ALL that helped make this another successful weekend to Red Boiling Springs, I appreciate it. I can't wait until next year, maybe we should plan a "spring ride" also....

Stay Upright!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Probably final Red Boiling Springs 2015 Update

A few last minute notes. 9/16/2015
1. Note first day route change. We will take Greenlea/Harris to Long Hollow  where we will meet Mike K and crew riding directly from White House. Rendezvous time about 9 am at the market on corner of Long Hollow and Buckingham.
2. Doug Martin's wife has kindly volunteered to transport luggage to Armours. She will be at the Sears Outlet parking lot at 8 am Saturday morning. 
3.Misty Glutting will be bringing a few snacks to tide us over till 6 pm dinner but if you desire any specific favorites bring them. Hint, We will truly miss Doug Depew's Frozen treat.
4. It's planned for all of us to have dinner at Armour's. As of now Wendy at the Donoho is expecting her guests to breakfast there.It's included in the price.  
5. Bob Glutting will be leading a group starting from Hartsville but will not be cycling back. Tom Evans has posted the route back to Hartsville on Ride with Ride With GPS

Only ten days till we head out. This looks to have the most riders ever. Here is the proposed itinerary and routes.  Please let me know if you have any corrections, questions or comments.   We usually have some non riding significant others who will take our gear to the B&B and also take a few refreshing beverages and snacks. No one has committed to that yet so please let me know if you have someone who can help with that.
Schedule as pdf 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunrise Pictures in the Leaf-Chronicle

Hey all, Here is a link to a bunch of action photos of the Sept 5th Sunrise Century.  Several Fogbees are included and even two of me wearing my erstwhile TDEC/DWPC field office club venerable green "Stinking Fish" jersey (I need a facelift bad).

Photos, Sunday 6 Sept 2015 Clarksville "Leaf-Chronicle" newspaper:

Report, Local News section of the above "Leaf-Chronicle" newspaper, kindly sent to me by their Customer Service after I explained I couldn't find it on their site:

Dave Irvine