Friday, May 14, 2021

Bike Trip For Sale

Tim and I are scheduled and have paid for Big Brag 2021 that runs from June 5-June 12, 2021. It begins on top of Lookout Mountain and ends in Columbus,GA. We have paid for the full week registration, a double occupancy tent to be set up and moved each day along with our luggage through Brag First Class, and shuttle service on the 12th for two along with bicycles and luggage from Columbus, GA back to start of ride where our car will be.  The total cost is $1,420.00 if you register online. We can transfer this trip over to another person until May 24th, 2021.  We are interested is selling this at a discount if anyone is interested in doing this trip. I don’t know if you post this kind of information on the website or not but wanted to check. You can email me or call me if you have questions or need more information. My mobile phone number is 615-714-3524. Thank you.

Sandra Murphy

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Phil Reports

The most insightful reports about eBikes come from long time avid bicyclists. Phil Vickery, one of the FOGBEE co-founders has been riding a bicycle for over twenty years. He like many of his comrades are finding "keeping up" has become a challenge. Gone are the days when 60 miles would have been an average Saturday afternoon ride followed by lunch and a pitcher of beer at the FOGBEE club house. In late April he purchased a Specialized VADO 5.0 SLEQ. I was looking for a candid report from him.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sharyn Evans Passing

Sharyn Evans, wife of Fogbee founder Tom Evans, passed April 2, 2021. She was the Fogbees mother, supporting early activties in many ways. 

Celebration of life will be Friday, May 7, at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church. 

Below is a link to Sharyn's obituary with more details

And a video memorial done by Tom