Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Phil Reports

The most insightful reports about eBikes come from long time avid bicyclists. Phil Vickery, one of the FOGBEE co-founders has been riding a bicycle for over twenty years. He like many of his comrades are finding "keeping up" has become a challenge. Gone are the days when 60 miles would have been an average Saturday afternoon ride followed by lunch and a pitcher of beer at the FOGBEE club house. In late April he purchased a Specialized VADO 5.0 SLEQ. I was looking for a candid report from him.

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Mike said...

Sherry and I are looking forward to riding our new e tandem that is supposed to arrive sometime this month. Moustache Semadi. Phil may have us on the down hills, but he will never have us on the uphills.