Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The jersey, bibb, shorts, etc. order is shipping this week.

On July 16th,  the FOGBEES are hosting the Harpeth Club, the Veloteers for the BRIAN KORTNESS MEMORIAL UNITY RIDE from Madison Creek Elementary School in Madison Creek Brian organized this ride with the other 2 clubs over the years.  On a recent ride Brain Baisel got to talking to one of the folks that Brain used organize the ride with and they expressed an interest in doing the ride with us again this year.    Watch for further details.

August 6th in the annual HEAT Kids Triathalon at the Hendersonville YMCA.  They are always looking for volunteers.  This is a fun event that the FOGBEES have taken part in for a number of years. If you are interested, let me know.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fogbee's Annual Red Boiling Springs Ride 2016

October 21st, 22nd, 2017

Spring has sprung and summer is here,the riding season is flying by and we just got back from a great weekend in Memphis. Fall will be here before we know it, that means it’s time to start thinking about the Fogbee’s annual overnight ride to Red Boiling Springs. 

This ride is a Fogbee tradition. Red Boiling Springs is located just the right distance from Hendersonville with the Hartsville option to make a nice one day ride for every rider level. It goes through beautiful scenery and this year the ride is later (October) so we should see some beautiful fall foliage and colors making it a must ride. The roads are generally smooth with low traffic. Dennis and Debra Emery of Armour's Hotel are great hosts. This trip fills up fast but there is room for everyone with three hotel options in Red Boiling Springs and they all are near one another.

Any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer or will get you an answer, any ideas let me know, any volunteer’s to help with some arrangement’s…let me know.

Mike may be working on another day or two thrown in like last year (Thursday and Friday) if so we will let you know with updates. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Graphics Images

      With the interest in FOGBEE paraphernalia I have transferred to FOGBEE Google Drive (aka cloud) all the graphic images I have saved for past caps, jerseys, banners, and shirts.  You can download these files by clicking on the WEBSITE tab on this blog, scrolling down to PHOTO, and clicking on GRAPHICS.
      Producers of paraphernalia almost always require scalable vector files.  Since few people have this very expensive software for editing/creating these images, I have included two old copies of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which Adobe has made public.  It is intended for use in Windows XP.  I have found all my old drawing software no longer works in Windows 10.
     We ask that if you are creating new vector images (including embroidery files which is included in the price of the initial purchase) of FOGBEE stuff that you send us copies so we can put it in the FOGBEE cloud so all members have access.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Wine Ride Saturday, June 18th- Routes are Below

Another FOGBEE favorite, The Wine Ride.  We ride form the Chateau Ross Winery located west of Orlinda and ride up in to KY with a stop at the Tastee Freeze in Franklin, KY for some mid morning ice cream.

The ride time is 8:00.  Make sure you have plenty of water as there is only one water stop and it will be a warm ride.

The address is:
5823 Fulton Road
Springfield, TN

If you are interested, this is the link to their website:  http://www.2bseen.com/chateauross/

After the ride Ross and Debra put on a wine tasting for us with a lunch.  Very hospitable hosts.

The cost is $20 per person for the wine tasting and lunch.  You can purchase bottles of wine to take home and share.



Below are the routes.  Some great roads.

More details to come.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

53 Mile Route  Water at 25 at the Frosty Freeze

48 Mile Route  Water at 25  Frosty  Freeze

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fogbee Hat

For those interested in a Fogbee hat, I've found some most of us can probably agree on. See links on the Fogbee facebook page. If you're not a FB'er search Headsweats Cycling Cap, Headsweats Performance Race/Running/Outdoor Sports Hat or Headsweats Race Hat on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another bike for sale

Selling my son's bike for him.
He bought it to get started and now has a Lynskey!

Here's the Ebay Listing:

2013 Kestrel RT1000 Ultegra 53cm 10 Speed

Any Fogbee interested can have it for $900.00 outside of Ebay.

Just text me or email me.

Tony Hernandez

Bike Sheperd

I don't know how many FOGBees know or use this site to register their bike. I found it after I bought a new bike this year and just wanted to share the information. Simple and free to register any bike. Print out the registration and have something tangible just in case the worst happens. http://www.bikeshepherd.org/

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fantastic Weekend in Chattanooga

     It was another one of Mike and Sherry's great parties. Everyone kept telling us how great a job they did!   The large turnout of FOGBEES and guests are tribute to what everyone has learned to anticipate.  The club is truly fortunate to have them volunteer to do so much!
     We were especially appreciative of Mike and Sherry arranging for the rain showers to hold off until all bicyclists had returned.  Click here for Sherry Beisel's great pictures at the start of the ride.  It is also great to have a photographer back at our events.