Saturday, December 24, 2011

2nd Annual FOGBEES Christmas Parade a Success

The FOGBEES outshone themselves as seen in this shot of Bruce Day.

For a portfolio of pics, go to our Shutterfly via the blog / website icon.


Christmas Lights Ride

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light Up Your Ride

The rain for Thursday evening appears certain! We will ride on Friday evening (12/23/11) instead -- same time, location, and route. Hope to see y'all then.  Jolly Ollie says, "Be ready for Karaoke night and the singing of Christmas carols."

Gary had a great batch of toys to take to the Christmas Program.

Looking for lights for your bike. Best selection in town is at TARGETS and WALGREENS.  Neither Lowes or Home Depot have any.

Click here for instructions to apply lights to a rotating wheel.

To see all the POSTS on the Christmas Lights Ride CLICK HERE.
Now a little song from Gary and the RAIN-BEES to put you in the mood.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Thank you to the Fogbees who contributed to an overwhelmingly successful Christmas gift giving cause for those children who were in jeopardy of having no real Christmas this season. You donated toys and gifts to six children in need. These toys were delivered yesterday (and today) to Gallatin for distribution to the families. Way to go Fogbees. (Note: this picture does not include about 6 other gifts that were left next door to my office that I was unaware of until this morning).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Lights Ride Regional Competition

The Fogbees are the best bicycle club ever ( no dues, no drop, no ego, etc.) but the guys in Knoxville make a good showing in the Christmas Bicycle Decorating category.  Are are they taking it too seriously?  Perhaps, but no reason to not steal some ideas.
Link to Knoxtrans Christmas Lights Ride.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special Note on the Toys

If, for some reason, no one is at my office on Friday or Monday when you come by to leave your Christmas gift please just leave it next door (to the left side of my office) at the accounting firm. Thank you. Gary

Toys for Tots Collection by 12/20/11

Because our ride is late this year, we will be collecting toys for the "Christmas Program for Tots, Tween, and Teens," instead of the "Toys for Tots." The Christmas Program collects toys for families whose children will not have a Christmas. The families selected have children of the following ages 2, 3, and 6 year old girls and 4 and 5 year old boys. There is also a 12 year old girl, but Sharyn Evans says she plans to buy for this girl. You can also help with this 12-year old, but we want to try to be sure all the kids get something for Christmas and it is easier to buy gifts that any of the younger ones can use.

Instead of bringing your gift to the Christmas Lights Ride on Thursday night December 22'nd, we ask that you

drop an UNWRAPPED gift off at Gary Williams office during working hours
before Tuesday (12/20/11) noon. 

Gary is out-of-town so leave them in the office with his staff. His office is at 131 Maple Row Bldg #A101 in Hendersonville. Gary will take the gifts to Christmas Program Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you for giving a child a Christmas.



We have new Spinning cycles at the YMCA! Yippie!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bruce Day , Tom Evans , and David Hardin represented the cycle community eloquently tonight in supporting the Sanders Ferry greenway / walk / bike trail project. A few individuals questioned the necessity of said project; however, the majority alderman sentiment appears favorable to initiating this recreational / transportation public project. One elderly female citizen painted a vivid portrait of pedestrians taking their lives in their hands traversing the guard railed passages over the lake incursions along Sanders Ferry in front of her high rise condo home. She pointed out how other seniors will utilize the walkway regularly.

The vote has been called for the ordinance by Mayor Foster and the aldermen have elected to pursue the Sanders Ferry project unanimously ! Chalk one up for the good guys.

Cycling With Aggressive Dogs Around

I found this in a recent Bicycle Magazine article:

By Neil Bezdek

New York City has its drivers. Colorado suffers from an oxygen shortage. Portland is a monsoon. California can’t afford to fix its potholes. New England won’t thaw till May. The Midwest is a wind tunnel. And the Southeast, my current training ground, has dogs. Every workout is interrupted, or enhanced, by canines looking for a quick meal.

Dogs pose a real threat to cyclists. Some riders carry pepper spray, and others resort to canine-repelling sirens. But this is where I draw the line. I might shave my legs, roam around in tights, and try to keep my body weight on this side of feather-light, but I can defend my place in the food chain under my own power, thank you very much.

So next time you’re out riding and a hound threatens to make you lunch, keep the following in mind.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tour de Cure May 19, 2012

Is anyone riding the TdC in Nashville on May 19? I registered today and didn't see a Fogbee team. If anyone else is riding or interested in riding, I created a team for us. When you register, it should ask you if you want to join a team. Put in "Team Fogbees" and then click join. I hope we have a good turnout for this.

Jason Sexton

Friday, December 9, 2011

2'nd Annual Christmas Lights Ride - Dec 22, 2011

We have been asked, "Where is Jolly Ollie?"

Do you need help with Christmas Lights decorations for the ride on THURSDAY December 22'nd? Give us a shout at  Unfortunately, Rudolph, the winner of last year's best decoration can not make it.  He and Gail have been surprised with their FIRST grandchild.  He preferred grand-baby sitting.  That means the competition for the best decoration is wide open.  Again, need ideas? Go to the webpage.

A Nice Little Hill Climbing Route for Bryan

The Tour of British Columbia (TdBC) is an amateur ultra-endurance cycling challenge of epic proportions. Riders have 105 cat 5 climbs, 35 cat 4 climbs, 29 cat 3 climbs, 16 cat 2 climbs, 11 category 1 climbs totalling 48,000 meters ( more than 150,000 feet) of climbing and 5,105 kilometers of non-stop cycling between the start and finish lines. 


UPDATE 12/9/11 I have just sent out invitations to the remaining 26 member/families, who did not respond to our previous INVITE.  I found new email address for about 9 and sent a SECOND invite to the rest.  I am still getting invalid email address responses to about same ones I noted before.  If you don't get an Invite, contact us as shown below.

On Sunday we sent out 76 Invitations to re-enroll with the FOGBEES.  Thus far we have received 45 acceptances of our invitation.  However, Google says the following email addresses in our membership list are no longer valid:
    If you recognize one of these INVALID addresses, please ask the owner to send us his/her correct address to

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    Sad News

    For us "OLD" Fogbees a sad note. Nashville Singer/Songwriter Dobie Gray has died. He sang a great song I'm sure you will remember.

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    Saturday, December 3, 2011

    Christmas Lites Ride

    My prior comment about having a trailer courtesy of Caledonia, AKA David Irvine got buried. Here's what it looks like and the music set to be played. If anyone has some favorite to be added, send me an mp3 or tell me the name and artist and perhaps I can obtain it.  The current playlist is 58 min so we should avoid last years repetitions. The Postman tired of the music after the fourth repeat.

    Click more to see playlist

    The New Blog

    UPDATE 12/2/11: I have revised the background image as requested by Tom_B.  See comments for discussion.
    UPDATE 12/3/11: Fixed pixalation of lettering around the logo as requested by Gary. See comments for discussion.
    UPDATE 12/4/11: Blog converted.  Only a few webpages have been rebuilt.  This work takes an enormous amount of time, so please be patient.  I plan to do a few hours every day. 
    - Membership re-enrollment sent via Google Group Announcement.
    The new blog is ready. Nothing was lost.  I am now rebuilding the website.

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Hendersonville Greenways & Trails

    The City has added a Greenways and Trails page to its website (click here). It provides further details regarding the Ordinance 2011-39, which is in first reading at BOMA and has appeared as a headline article in the Hendersonville Star News (here's a link to the article). The Ordinance includes funding to build a Bike Trail from Gallatin Road to Sanders Ferry Park.  The article alludes to the Bike Trail as a road-widening project for Sanders Ferry. If we could get a Bike Trail down Sanders Ferry Road for $1.5 Million, it would be fantastic.  Because of the heavy traffic and narrow roads on this peninsula, bike and pedestrian traffic on this peninsula is nearly impossible. It would open up Sanders Ferry park to greater recreational use.

    Aldermen Stamper and Elsten voted again the Bike Trail. 

    Is this something we need a strong show of support for?  What do you think?