Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hendersonville Greenways & Trails

The City has added a Greenways and Trails page to its website (click here). It provides further details regarding the Ordinance 2011-39, which is in first reading at BOMA and has appeared as a headline article in the Hendersonville Star News (here's a link to the article). The Ordinance includes funding to build a Bike Trail from Gallatin Road to Sanders Ferry Park.  The article alludes to the Bike Trail as a road-widening project for Sanders Ferry. If we could get a Bike Trail down Sanders Ferry Road for $1.5 Million, it would be fantastic.  Because of the heavy traffic and narrow roads on this peninsula, bike and pedestrian traffic on this peninsula is nearly impossible. It would open up Sanders Ferry park to greater recreational use.

Aldermen Stamper and Elsten voted again the Bike Trail. 

Is this something we need a strong show of support for?  What do you think?

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coastdownhills said...

I plan to make an appearance during citizens' comments. I'm ambivalent about the realistic prospects for this specific project but had been looking fro an excuse to thank BOMA and Halo for what they have already done.
A few fellow cyclists at the meeting would be great. I mostly can't let the trivialization of people powered transport pass unchallenged.