Thursday, February 26, 2009

Regional MPO Meeting

The turnout for this meeting was impressive: two State Senators, the County Exec, County Commissioner, Director of H'ville Planning and over sixty people interested in biking and pedestrian facilities. Although the content and accomplisment of the meeting was not significant, the numbers and enthusiasm of participants telegraphed the needed message of the interest in these facilities in Sumner County. To keep the ball rolling, the next meeting is County Commissioners on March 16'th in support of Andy Holt's efforts for development of the Lower Station Camp Greenway.


I called and spoke to the lady in charge and she said there is no required amount to ride except the $30 fee. What is collected can be brought the morning of the ride. If we have a team there is no required amount either. There would also be a way to donate online for the team.
Several of you commented that are thinking about riding. Question now is do we want a team or just ride as individuals. I am very new to this and just wanted to answer a few questions. I will be riding for sure.

Click here for Registration & Info about the Ride

EUropean Cycling Code of Conduct

I think the FOGBEES CODE OF CONDUCT should be much tougher. :-)

TONIGHT: Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Seeks Public Opinion

Public Meetings Will Be Hosted February 23-26 in Five Counties. “These meetings will help the MPO understand each community’s existing walking and bicycling opportunities, additional areas that would benefit from bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and obstacles to non-motorized transportation,” said Leslie Meehan, Project Manager with the Nashville Area MPO.

SUMNER County (info Click here)
-Thursday, February 26 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
-Hendersonville Public Library; 140 Saundersville Road.

Bruce says, "Leslie is a gem." Tom says, "Leslie is a fantastic friend to cycling community. Let's support our friends and attend this meeting."

Click to read more.

Legislators and Planners determine issue importance by "head counts" at these meetings. Let them know cycling facilities are important with YOUR presence.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY HAD GREAT TURN-OUT (see Blog Link in lower right). It would be nice if everyone demonstrates the importance of cycling in SUMNER COUNTY. We will be taking attendance records.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HB 342 Action


HB 342 was "taken off notice" on today's Rural Roads Subcommittee. Unconfirmed speculation is the action was due to WSMV being on site for the meeting. The camera crew apprently exited the Plaza when learning on the action.

It was my first time at a legislative meeting but I encourage everyone to attend some of these affairs. They are less 'stuffy' than I feared but do give a great example of the protocols and processes of our government.


Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation Website

Hey Gang,

Would anyone object to me requesting that the FOGBEES link be included on the Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation Links page?

The FOGBEES are fast becoming a respected advocacy force for cycling in Tennessee.

Hope to see everyone at one or more of the MPO meetings this week.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Mayor wants to make Nashville friendlier to walkers, bicyclists

In case you didn't see this article in The Tennessean.

Bicycle Ban Gaining Momentum

2/23/09 Late Breaking News - Bill is **OFF NOTICE** and will not go before sub-committee tomorrow 2/24/09. Read Comments for lastest info.

2/24/09 - From: Jessica Wilson. I just got back from the Rural Roads Subcommittee and thought I'd send out a quick update. Neither the River Road or Share the Road plates legislation was heard. I thought I would note, however, that Channel 4 News showed up for the meeting and when told that the River Road Bill was taken off notice, they left.
A bill to ban bicycles on River Road in Davidson County (House Bill 0342 and Senate Bill 0276) is proceeding through the Tennessee Legislature. River Road is a typical state rural highway with light to moderate traffic and no paved shoulder. There have been no bicycle-car crashes on this road in the last 5 years. If a ban is successful, many such roads across the state would be likely candidates for a ban as well. All bicyclists are urged to contact their representatives and members of the House Rural Roads Subcommittee.

Bicyclists are also encouraged to attend the subcommittee meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 1:30 in Room 31 of Legislative Plaza.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Sponsored Rides

For the last couple of years we have compiled a list of Sponsored Rides in Middle Tennessee. The last week saw a flurry of updates by sponsors. Please check the following list.

If you are aware of Rides which I do not show please forward their 2009 Web link.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breast Cancer Ride

I am riding in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer ride on April 18th based out of Beechhaven Winery. If anyone else would be interested in riding as a team please post a comment. They have a 10 mile, 25 mile and 50 mile rides. I haven't decided which ride I will do at this point.
I hope the link I have provided is correct.

Nancy P.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memphis trip update

The weather appears acceptable the next three days. I plan about a 30 mile fully loaded training rideThursday and Friday, no specific time but starting soon enough to get home before dark. It will be at about a 12 mph pace with significant climbing. Anyone interested in joining me is very welcome.

Ride plans fro Memphis have changed. Two of us with spouses will drive and spend a couple of days scouting the Memphis area by car. Wed spouses motor home while we cycle back and plan to be in Hohenwald, TN Friday night. Ride from Hohenwald to Burns for Saturday night, then on back toward Hendersonville Sunday. Sagging from Nashville to Hendersonville is a possibility. All depends on fitness and weatehr but anyone wanting to join us for any and all are welcome. My phone number is on the list. I would not count on haveing any internet or email availabilty once on the road. Click here for revised cue sheet.


2/20/09 update. Weeere Back! Click here for details.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

French Lick Update - May 1,2 and 3

WHAT A FIND!! One of our fellow FOGBEES is from the French Lick area. Chad Moss has family in the area. His dad was a forester and knows all the roads! Our initial thoughts are a ride into Jasper and return on Saturday, with detours around Patoka Lake for some extra scenery. We are talking about a scouting trip in March or early April. To find more information on the French Lick Resort and this trip, go to .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Possible Ride to Memphis

The cycling celestial may align for me to do a self contained ride to Memphis in the next month. I am sitting on ready waiting for an acceptable five day weather forecast so my leave date is uncertain. After March 3 I go back to work so that's my rush. Anyone interested in joining for some or all is welcome. Details of the ride and the reasons, other than the thrill of suffering a lot for a long time, are on the Crazyguyonabike web site. Anyone interested, please post, phone, or email me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey from Yankee Land

Well the snow is still here, but at least some of the ice is gone today.  I'm sure Georgie's boys weren't concerned with riding bikes, but rather merely surviving in this cold climate.