Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A new face at the Fogbee spin

A Franchise Waiting for Investors?

Where's the brakes in this break through? It also missed an obvious consideration that all stable designs employ. Clue - physics and ask Tom Benim.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Antler man

a strange person has been sighted on the roads ..Bee on the lookout!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Fogbee spin group gets bigger...

5 spinners tonight( Mike K not pictured) Debbie is a regular on Tues. and future Turtle rider.

Robertson County online survey

Attention! All Robertson County Fogbees. You know who you are. You are among the most ardent Fogbees. Now is your chance to have your voice heard in planning your future.  As improbable as it sounds, your opinion does matter.  Attending a meeting is best but online is better than nothing, which is what most folks do.

Speak up!! Tell them you want shoulders on all new roads. Or whatever are your needs for improved cycling. You live there and know what would work. Tell them because  they don't know what you need.    Put a face on that crazy person they see on their streets.

Robertson County Comprehensive Growth & Development

For Release: November 20, 2012           
 Margot L. Fosnes
President, Chief Economic Officer
 Robertson Co. Chamber of Commerce

Online Survey Available for Input on Growth and Development Plan for Robertson County and the cities of Adams, Coopertown and Cross Plains
Survey is in Addition to Four Community Workshops Scheduled December 3-6

Springfield, TN – Residents now have the opportunity to provide needed input on the Robertson County Growth and Development Plan from the comfort of their home or office. Project officials have established an online survey to make the process as convenient as possible. The survey can be found under “Give Us Your Feedback” at www.RobertsonChamber.org/Growth.  There is also a series of workshops scheduled December 3-6, providing additional opportunities for feedback.
“We can’t stress enough how important the input of residents and business owners is for the success of this project,” said Jonathan Garner, chair of the project’s steering committee. “This plan will affect everyone in some way, so providing ample opportunity to have issues addressed is very important to us.”
               The survey provides a series of 13 questions that allows the participant to answer in his or her own words. Questions range from where new housing should be located to which new industries may be good additions to the local economy. There is also a feedback section to openly address any issue not presented in previous questions. 
Residents are also encouraged to attend one of four Community Workshops to learn more about the plan. The workshops are scheduled for Monday, December 3 through Thursday, December 6.  Consultants with Littlejohn Engineering Associates, Inc. will lead the discussions. See a complete listing of the dates, times, and locations for each workshop on the following page.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bike/Ped Focus on New TDOT Website

Pedestrian and Cyclists Praise State and TDOT
Gov. Bill Haslam, Commissioner John Schroer and TDOT have received accolades from several bicycle and pedestrian groups across Tennessee for program efforts and a focus on non-traditional transportation projects. (pdf)
Fogbees involved with state advocacy: Bruce Day (BWT), Tom Evans (MPO), and Dave Shumaker (USBRS). Leadership help is requested from other Fogbees. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good ride

Welcome Jeff C. to the Fogbee Nightriders. It was a great 26 miles tonight with a late night stop for refreshments and pizza at Sams.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get Spinning!

Worked up a sweat after one hour......

Bikers Shed Spandex to Inspire New Riders

  • Bike advocates leverage "cycle chic" style movement to make it more appealing to casual riders
  • Tweed rides and other style-focused events encourage tentative riders to get in saddle
  • Bicycle boutiques and coffee shops aim to become lifestyle brands
  • "It goes back to childhood, to riding for fun. ... No spandex or cleats," a recreational rider says
 Click here to read more

It's time to Spin

It's the 5th season for the Fogbee spin at the YMCA! Starting tonight at 6:30pm we will Spin Tuesdays and Thursday nights and Saturday morning if the weather is bad. See you there.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Should Have Shot the Guns!

So I rode with the Super Hares (Miley included). You remember my famous quote "Not much on Guns or 100 milers). Did great the first 10 miles and then BONKED the rest of the ride. I thought "I must be getting old with my 57th B-day a few weeks away". Turns out I rode with a broken spoke, bent wheel and the tire rubbing the brake pad for 20+ miles. Took my bike to the shop and I had cracked something or other also. Guess next year I'll shoot guns.

Bright sun, strong wind, hard-earned 100!

Congratulations to Tom who has now completed all of his necessary rides for this year's UMCA century-a-month challenge!  We took advantage of the nice temperature yesterday, though the wind made it quite grueling (that or the same route magically got hillier longer, ha ha).  We had to use my pepper spray for the first time...on a very friendly dog!  After 5 miles he was still running strong so to give him a chance of getting home (and after much debate) we gave him a little spray in the nose.  We also passed our red neck riders and it was great for all the 'bees to share the road.

Congrats again Tom!  And if anyone sees an adorable black dog outside Franklin KY he is a great runner, hopefully still has a sense of smell, and would make a great pet.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Brett's 50th Birthday Bash - 6pm Saturday Nov 10 Bretts House

Please keep Brett's 50th on your calendar.  Drop in and make him feel his age!!  Brett is one of our original FOGBEES and he holds the club name well.  He is always around to help sweep, find a shortcut, or to just plain modify a ride.   - NO GIFTS PLEASE

Please RSVP if you have not already to Renee.  You can find contact information on the Fogbee Membership list.  If you don't have access to that you can call me at 615-431-9821 and I will provide her contact information.   Posted by Doug on Renee's behalf

Thursday, November 8, 2012

If ya don't wanna shoot, spend more time on the bike!

This is by no means a Canadian's attempt to avoid guns (ha ha) but rather a cyclist's attempt to make great use of a peach-of-a-day.  We will be doing the fantastic century through KY again this weekend.  This will allow Tom to complete his 12th century of the year...the last one that has to go on record for the year :)  This really is a beautiful route and for those who missed it last time, come along!  While there won't be any shots fired, I can try my best to speak "red-neck" to keep the Fogbee weekend theme consistent for both rides.  We will be starting at 8am at the parking lot by the Greenway in White House/


Nov 10th Redneck Ride 9:00 AM

Don't let the name fool you this ride is a BLAST
We will start the ride in Portland TN  at the BBQ PIT  restaurant and do a 30ish mile fairly flat ride.  There are options to lengthen the ride.  Stay tuned for more information on the route. After the ride we will eat lunch at the BBQ pit  608 North Broadway, Portland, TN 37148.
After lunch we will go and shoot guns at a local gun range in Portland in a safe environment.  We did this last year and it was a Blast.  So bring out your gun and have some fun.  If you do not own a gun and want to shoot there will be some you can borrow. 

Several of the FOGBEES have asked about taking the TN handgun conceal carry course.  Curtis M. is certified to teach this course and we can talk about scheduling a date or dates for these classes.

For more information on the Conceal Carry Class Check out the link below.

This is a turtle friendly event.

Ride information

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Women's Jersey for Sale

Laurie Gibbs gave me a short sleeved Women's Jersey at the CF ride to sell,  because it did not fit. The label says Women's large but it seems to be mislabeled. It is closer to a small. Lindsay tried it on and it fits her. It is one of the Garneau jersey batch.

Brand new, tags still attached.  Too late for a refund, probably. I think these sold for 60 bucks or so. I would like to get at least $50 for it so Laurie can get another that is sized right.  She supports the Fogbees in Jack and Back and CF rides. 

Let me know and I will bring it to the next ride.

The Fogbee Night Riders

We will do a Night Vision ride tonight from Sams at 6pm. Down Upper Station to the Post Office and back. We will try and do this weekly. Miley is in for this. Must have LIGHTS!