Thursday, November 8, 2012

If ya don't wanna shoot, spend more time on the bike!

This is by no means a Canadian's attempt to avoid guns (ha ha) but rather a cyclist's attempt to make great use of a peach-of-a-day.  We will be doing the fantastic century through KY again this weekend.  This will allow Tom to complete his 12th century of the year...the last one that has to go on record for the year :)  This really is a beautiful route and for those who missed it last time, come along!  While there won't be any shots fired, I can try my best to speak "red-neck" to keep the Fogbee weekend theme consistent for both rides.  We will be starting at 8am at the parking lot by the Greenway in White House/

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Tango Bravo said...

SInce my name was mentioned I am in. Based on my speed last time, I am bringing lights. THis really is a nice route so please join us.