Monday, April 27, 2009

French Lick - Schedule & Route

Click here for a Printable Copy of the Schedule (Rev 4/15/09)
Visit Event Web Site (click here)
Pick your activities and have a great time on this adventure!!

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Doug has been very busy. He and Marsha have visited French Lick, brought back lots of brochures, and mapped four rides - from the Regulars to the Ultra-lites. Please visit his Web Page for the latest (click here). Although Doug scanned a dozen of brochure pages for our use, French Lick Web Site is exceptional and I recommended you take LOTS of time studying it. A TON of stuff is available for everyone to enjoy. If the cyclists have gotten in trouble with spouses, this weekend will make up for scores of sins.
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Fogbee Ladies Going to Frenchlick Resort-
These are suggestions as to what we can do on Sat: Breakfast at 8 am for whomever would like: meet in the lobby Spa appointments from 9-11:30 or so (if you would like to do this, please make your appointment w/ the spa @ , let them know you are w/ a group, our rate is 20% off) Meet in lobby around 12:30 for lunch/sightseeing or whatever we decide !
See you soon, Peggy
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If anyone is interested in having an appointment for the spa, some of us are organizing it this week. take a look. email Peggy if you want to be included: 516-8511...thanks,
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RECOMMENDED ROUTE - Avoid Derby Traffic
Marsha and have been on both routes, we recommend this one (Click Here) for the least traffic and avoiding the possible Derby mess in Louisville. It is a scenic drive and offers 70mph on the parkway.
Take I-65 N to William H Natcher Parkway NorthContinue on the Parkway to Hawesville Exit 70A on Route 60 East.Proceed 3 miles @ light turn right on 231N (60 East) follow 60 @ the fork to the leftProceed to follow Rt 231 North to I-64 East toward Louisville. Proceed 15 miles on I-64 Exit 72 onto Indiana 145 North.There are several turns on 145, but stay on 145 until you end up at the front door of French Lick.
Official check in time is 4:00, but they will allow us in the rooms when they are clean. Remember to print your cue sheets. I will bring some extras. We have not specific plans for Friday night, but if you want to get together post your thoughts here.

New Belgium Urban Assault Ride - MAY 3'rd

“Walk Bike Nashville is proud to be the beneficiary for a new cool event in Nashville – the New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride. It is a funky bike scavenger hunt where you and your teammate will ride to checkpoints all over the city, completing fun obstacles at each stop. Imagine adult big wheels, bike limbo, inflatable slides and more! Street smarts are a big part of the challenge as there is no set course - you pick your own route around town. The ride is followed by a big party with New Belgium beer, tons of prizes, and lots more 2-wheeled fun. Nashville was chosen to be one of the 10 cities on the Urban Assault Ride tour. Let’s all take part and show them why Nashville is such a cool bike and beer loving city! Get all the info and sign up at:

J 'n' B info for the non camping riders

Well guys, here's the scoop. The only MS transportaion sanctioned motel in Tullahoma still having availability Oct 3 is Gary's Taj Mahal, the Executive Inn, ole'.

I booked the only remaining non-smoking rooms still available about 15 minutes ago. I was able to reserve 7 rooms for single or double occupancy and 1 king for Bob who prefers to snore on his own. Jeff and I are good for one room. The other 6 are up for grabs, so speak up.

I'll check back first of September when they say they may have more rooms due to a rennovation process which is on their calendar prior to the ride.

Keep the wires open from now 'til October !

FOGBEE Extra Service

Met last year as members of FOGBEE-Lites. Dolly & Lenny marry next weekend. Our best wishes go to both. Cupid BOB did a lot of initial encouragement.

Daphne has just announced she is pregnant. Spent last weekend with fertility-idol BOB on the Komen Ride.

BOB runs a Lite Ride that few Clubs can match. Now we know why Nancy posted "Lites say thanks."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jack 'n' Back 2009 update

Ladies and gents, fellow FOGBEES, and future FOGBEES, hear ye , hear ye !
Thanks to our blog administrator ( aka the venerable Tom Evans ) we now have a go to place for communicating about the 2009 MS to Jack 'n' Back charity ride. Now that we've experienced some 85 degree summer temps on the blacktop of middle Tennesse, the ride to Motlow State College and Lynchburg doesn't seem so far away.

With that said, I encourage you to click on to the MS web site and team FOGBEES site for the Jack 'n' Back. Tom has made it easy and convenient with his digital magic.

First order on the agenda.... it's not too early to begin booking rooms in Tullahoma for our overnight stay ( and yes, I'm still stickin' to my pledge to let no sour mash touch these lips the night of the bar-b-que dinner on the hill; may have to reneg on a beer or two--- what is a true blue FOGBEE to do ). Check the list of motels with bus service indicated on the MS web site. My intention has been to keep the pack together; however, certain individual spirits have suggested byob ( buy your own bed ). Either way I'd like to know if anyone has a preference as to motels , roomates, lack of roomates, etc. Besides last years' Executive Inn, I've stayed at the Hampton Inn in Tullahoma and found it very nice. I've also stayed in Shelbyville and do not recommend it due to transportation challenges.

Post your heart's desire and I'll be happy to reserve rooms stat. The Executive Inn was by default last year 'cause everywhere else on the list was booked.

How 'bout it FOGBEES ? Are you ready to ride for the cause ? Are you ready to party Lynchburg style ?

p.s. I was offered a barrel tasting job at JD's but had to tell them I already had a day
job ( :


Komen-Nashville stuff moved to Web Site - Ride Reviews. Big Hill Challenge is on 5/9/09 - Check out Ride Reviews for comments on last year's ride. Lastly, Bob has been wanting a Jack & Back Web Page. Here it is with all the information we have received.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lites say Thanks

The 3 Lite Ladies want to thank Bob for hanging with us Saturday and all the other times as usual.

Monday, April 20, 2009

BBQ Ride

Date of this ride has been moved - See calendar

There was some discussion Saturday of a BBQ ride on this side of town (Exit 19 off of I-24) on May 9. May is pretty busy so it's probably that date or sometime in June. We'd run a couple routes, maybe 30 and 45, and grab lunch after at Head's BBQ. Before I go through the exercise of designing routes, I'd like to see if there is much interest in making the trip. Think about it and we'll talk Saturday at BL's.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Gary, live from sunny St.Pete Beach near Tampa. Hope you all had a great ride today and I'm sorry I missed it. Well the good news is that it has been sunny,in the 80's and beautiful for us. The bad news is that our hockey team got "accidentally" placed in the "A-PRO" division so we played a team yesterday that had 4 (FOUR) former NHL players on it! Even though we played teams made up of pro and semi pro players we ended up as follows: losing 3-4 (in overtime), losing 1-10 and we won today 9-1. Not too bad for a team that should have been in the "B" division. Well see you all this week some time. I guess asking for 80 degree weather in Hendersonville would be pushing it, right?

Sheriff Files Report on 3' Violator

Mike K. and I were outbound on Upper Station Camp this morning, single file and to the right no less, when the driver of dually pickup slowed while passing with clear visibility and no oncoming traffic and proceeded to crowd us to the edge of the road, to the point where I hit the brakes to get clear. Not pleased, I then moved into his rear view, held out not one but 3 fingers and yelled "3 feet"; to which he broke again, stuck his head out, and yelled "get off the road." Having to get the last road, I retorted "PUBLIC Road." I admit I did appreciate him presenting identification: 654PVM.

This being about the 3rd such encounter in recent weeks, I had to call it in. I was put in touch with Deputy or Inspector (I'm not sure which) Travis, who I'm glad to say was concientious and did not minimize what happened. Granted, the coversation started with him questioning whether I was riding in a lawful manner, citing laws pertaining to cyclist's responsibilities. Having placed the call from home with the traffic law page of the FOGBEE website in front of me, I was able to clarify that a cyclist is to be as far right as "practicable", not "possible", and to cite the code number of the 3' law. After he explained my options and I expressed my desire to just inform the driver of our right to the road and the law requiring 3' clearance, Deputy/Inspector Travis committed to filing a report and informing the driver. Not only that, he took about 15 minutes to discuss the challenges for cyclists and the need for educating motorists on the law. He even thanked me for educating him on a few details - Double Victory!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

River Road Compromise

Many of you may not follow the great Blog produced by MPO Region #3. so I would like to point out they have four interesting Editorials. A significant editorial was included by Rep Gary Moore, who initiated the bill to ban cyclists from River Road. His editorial can be found at

He ends his work with the following statement:
Let me reiterate: The Whites Bend Neighborhood Association and I support the right for cyclists to enjoy and use the many beauties and exercise benefits that our Tennessee roadways have to offer. Although we respect their rights, we also have a genuine concern for the safety of all involved. We are extremely pleased that a solution could be reached that would address the concerns of all parties involved, Rep Gary Moore.

He is commenting on a constructive meeting he had with Mayor Dean’s office and Walk/Bike Nashville. Our thanks go to everyone for working out a solution amenable to all parties.

Have a great ride Fogbees!!!!

I'm off to the sunshine state to play some hockey. See you all next week. I will have an important announcement about our next Glen Oaks Clubhouse party in June when I come back so get those dancing shoes out of the closet! See you all soon. gary

Mark Calenders June 13'th for Party

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Injured Cyclist

On January 21, 2009, Donald Hall was a victim of a hit-and-run driver and left on the side of the road for six hours before someone found him. Donald rode his bike to work everyday in Lavergne, TN just outside of Nashville. Donald is paralyzed from the accident and was recently moved to the University of Michigan Hospital to be close to his family. Donations can be made to Donald's family to help support his on-going medical expenses. All donations received for the Donald Hall Family Fund will be disbursed to the family in full. Donations made through the Foundation are tax-deductible. Please include your return address and email so we can acknowledge your donation.

Sincerely, Pat Clements

Monday, April 6, 2009

FOGBEES = Wedding

The Saturday Ride went past Dolly's house and we stopped to watch Lenny move his stuff into Dolly's great country estate from the big moving van. They plan to be legal the first weekend in May. It was great to see them and Dolly sporting the big engagement ring.

Bike Lane Recovered

Frank Bowyer, Bruce Day, David Hardin, and David Miley petitioned the City, the State, and attorneys at Thornton's Market to correct a contruction error on Gallatin Rd. We are happy to report that the problem is being fixed. For a little history on this problem please click here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

update to House bill 95

You may all be aware of this already; however, I received the email below from Rep. Joshua Evans:

I appreciate you taking the time to e-mail me on this important issue. I apologize for the delay in responding, I received your e-mail as we were in the process of moving offices, and a few e-mails fell through the cracks.
I think it is very important to protect your rights as a cyclist. I have been following this bill, and am happy to report, in case you have not heard, that is has been withdrawn from consideration. I will work to protect your rights to the road in any legislation that comes before me.
Please don't hesitate to contact my office if I can ever be of service to you.

Representative Joshua Evans State Representative - 66th District 207 War Memorial Building Nashville, TN 37243 615.741.2860 - Office 615.253.0283 - Fax