Monday, April 30, 2012

Bike Riders get no respect....

A California cyclist and a friend are hit by a car and the driver speeds away! The driver claims(much later) that his car was stolen. Check out the video begining at 2 minutes

Saturday, April 28, 2012


The "nomadic" FOGBEES saw pastoral scenes both on and off the prescribed route, with ORLINDA becoming somewhat a "groundhog day" experience for Sarah, Kay, and David
Follow the Yellowbrick road !

Our Stateline trek was every bit as good as Bryan made it out to be. At times we felt like Dorothy trying to find the best way to the Emerald City.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Iphone Cycling/Map Option - Garmin Alternative

Here is a good option for those who like to have map funtions but dont want to buy a pricey Garmin. On the iPhone, you can use RidewithGPS or Garmin data (GPX files) and open it on the iPhone with a program called: MotionX-GPS (.99 cents on itunes).  A good alternate to a Garmin!

Here is how it works:
(1) Get the program (Duh) and install it.
(2) Downloaded the RidewithGPS .gpx file of a route that you want to do to your desktop
(3) Email that to yourself where you can pull it up and see it on your iPhone email program
(4) Open that email on your iPhone
(5) You will see the attachment, that should also have the MotionX Icon next to it
(6) Click on it and it will look like a bunch of numbers, but in the upper right corner of the iPhone, will have a little arrow box that, when you press it, states, Open in MotionX-GPS.
(7) Do!
(8) MotionX-GPS will open and you will see an import button, press that (Duh Duh)
(9) Once that completes, press Menu, then Tracks, then Import and you will see your file.
(10) Select that and your route will pop up

Now in MotionX-GPS, you can select different map types, colors, different modes of transportation, etc... even has a built in photo and share button to take pics along the way and tag/send it to as a part of a route.

The program also allows you to drag and drop .GPX files into itunes, which has less steps than above. The directions for that can be found inside the MotionX program.

Within the program, you can record all the normal data, speed, pace, elevations, etc... plus mark waypoints, email your wherabouts with a few touches, take pics, tons of stuff. Can be also be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.. linked to other riders with it...
I dont have some of the other gadgets, but can also be compatible with certain heartrate monitors and such...

For what is is worth (.99 cents) it seems like a good alternative to a garmin, but will work your battery a bit.
If you dont have an iPhone; One... you are not cool... two...sorry!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I came across this site today that looks to be useful for finding unusual components and repairs parts, especially if you have a vintage bike.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Harpeth Bike Club Skills Clinic

This clinic is worth the price of a year's  membership.

REMINDER --- Paceline/Cornering/Contact Skills Clinic - April 29

The HBC is offering the first of our skills clinics for this season:
Paceline/Cornering/Contact Skills Clinic -- April 29
Ravenwood High School, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

There will not be a Pancake Ride on April 29; members are encouraged to attend the clinic instead. After the clinic, at 12:00 noon, we will have a club ride for participants in the Clinic and anyone else who is interested.
This clinic is a "must" for all HBC members, even if you have been cycling for many years. We guarantee there will be several "a - ha" moments. Understanding the dynamics of group riding is essential to promoting safe cycling opportunities . . . which is what the HBC is all about!
The clinic will be held on the parking lot.  Most of the time will be spent on practicing skills.  All you need to bring is your bike!
Please let us know if you plan to attend by emailing Phil Scharre, HBC VP, at
There are three parts to the clinic:
Cornering Skills: We discuss steer vs counter-steer, proper weight placement, looking through the turn, single rider apex, and touch on apex relative to others in a group. We do drills focusing on each aspect of what we discuss and share thoughts and experiences. The purpose is to put terminology to concepts that people are already practicing so that improvement can be made easier.
Contact Skills: Do you get nervous or feel uncomfortable when you find yourself surrounded by other riders during a group ride? Do you know how to react when you have riders on both sides and you encounter pot holes or even worse, the dreaded “road kill” in your lane? The class is designed to build your confidence in group riding. The clinic will teach skills and conduct exercises and drills that we guarantee will make your group riding safer and more enjoyable.
Paceline Skills: New to paceline riding? It’s great fun, and lets you ride farther and faster with less work. Done well, it’s poetry in motion. Done badly, it’s nerve-racking and can be dangerous. Pacelines do have some inherent danger and require communication among the riders. The riders have to be confident that the others in the group will communicate well and ride safely. There are three essential characteristics of safe paceline riding: be smooth, be predictable, and be courteous.

While several HBC members will serve as instructors, we can always use more folks. If you have significant experience and skills in one or more of these three areas, your participation will be welcomed. We plan to offer additional clinics throughout the year.
HBC clinics are open to club members only. This clinic is not intended for beginner cyclists. We will hold clinics for beginners in the near future.

Message from Pedal for Paws

Dear Riders,
Once again, lesson learned! You just can't mess with Mother Nature , can you?  We are so sorry that, due to weather, the Pedals For Paws supported ride did not go on as planned . We are also aware that some of you would have ridden- no matter what- and some did! Several arrived as planned and decided to just take a "practice" ride on the fun and scenic route Curtis had for you today.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Light For Sale

If anyone has been wanting to join in on the night time riding, but doesn't have a light that is bright enough, I have recently purchased a Schmidt Dynamo hub and have an extra powerful battery light I am about to part with. Before I list it on Ebay, I thought I would see if any of the group would have a need for it. It is a Night Rider Minewt 600 cordless light. This Li Ion battery charged light features 600 lumens for 1.5 hours on high all the way to 30 hours of 40 lumens on low. Absolutely a super bright light that would be perfect for anyone riding the Monday or Wednesday night rides. Amazon sells this light new for $127 and I would let it go for $80. Used for about 6 months and comes with the USB charging cord. Shoot me an email at if you would like to see it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Websites for Cycling Stuff

Many of you already know some of these, but these are some of my favs for gauking, drooling, and dreaming about cool cycling/outdoor stuff. Some sites have pretty good deals that you can purchase for your significant other, which will then lead to him/her allowing you to ride more often!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Original FOGBEE "LG" Jersey Available

We have found one of the original LG Jersey's short sleeve, new, still with tags.  Size is LG. Owner  will part with it for $60.  First one to give me cash will get the Jersey.  Doug D

Bike Month in Nashville

Like to ride your bike? Like to ride in Nashville?  Then check out this calendar for a whole list of biking events in our area during Bike Month.

Also, Governor Haslam proclaims MAY as Bike Month in Tennessee (click the link on the Bike Walk Tennessee website homepage).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saturday SSNA Benefit

If you are riding the SSNA benefit on saturday, we found that you cannot rely on the ridewithgps cue sheets or the GPS download. On the website for the ride,(link in the title above) we have the correct cuesheets for each ride. We leave the civic center at 9 a.m. saturday. Thank you Bob G for the help in laying out the course.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Next Big Event - the Silver Comet

Great turn out for Spring Greenway Ride.  Now it's time to make ready for the Spring Over-night in Atlanta GA and the Silver Comet Ride.  Doug is trying to plan transportation for everyone, but he needs your help in confirming your plans.
. . I have summarize everyone's comments on a spreadsheet.  (See Participants on the Silver Comet page on our website).  Please verify we haven't accidentally left you off or maybe added you.
. . Many have personal contacts in Atlanta and plan to stay with them and visit with them rather than join in Fogbee group meals and excursions.  Please send an email to and let us know if you and guests want to be included in Fogbee Group plans for Friday evening (dinner), Saturday afternoon (excursion), and Saturday evening (dinner).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New DJ Tool for Gary Williams

Here is the new dj setup Gary will be using...Controlled by his bicycle. Pretty cool stuff!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tennessee's First Bike Summit

The inaugural Tennessee Bike Summit will be held in Chattanooga, May 2-4.  Transportation officials, government leaders, planners, engineers, public health officials,  advocates, and others, are invited to attend to join the discussion on transportation, people, and places. 

There is no fee to attend the Summit, but registration is required.  Visit for complete information.

The 2012 Tennessee Bike Summit will serve as an opportunity to share successes, challenges, and strategies for moving Tennessee forward as a bicycle-friendly state. Join us for exciting sessions and mobile workshops!

April 21 SSNA Benefit Ride in Gallatin

A few of us rode the long course this past saturday and the roads are great except for some potholes on a mile stretch of Macedonia Rd. The climb up Rock House on the 60 mile ride
is a Cardio Challenge. We did see 2 dogs for 3 hours of pedaling. Not too bad... If you have
some ideas for the Rest Stops please post a comment. In addition to the rest stops there
are 3 markets on the long route and 1 on the short route. I hope to see alot of Fogbee Shirts
during the ride. Following the ride I know a bunch of us are heading to Dos Margarits in
Gallatin, across from the Ford Dealer.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Night Record!

We're not quite up to the Saturday AM ride total, but we had 9 riders this week for the Monday night ramble.

Come join us some time for a great recovery ride and some pretty good pizza afterward.

Thanks to all who joined.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

WOW! What a CROWD!

Congrats to the Fogbees Cyle Club and all the riders who rode today. We had 41 riders participate in the Lite/Medium and High test rides! We actully had 43 riders bc Eddie and Christy rode from Springfield and met us in Cross Plains at the Drug store. Truely an amazing turnout and a great ride. I can proudly say I finally stayed with my mentor Mr. Miley (except for a hill or two). It was also great to see the Pennsylyvania Pavement Pounder back in town-Ed.....

Aggressive Driver Problem in White House

Today, Leslie Kortness was out on a solo bike ride starting up in the White House area and when she was coming by the police station on Tyree Springs a person in an older model blue pickup truck loaded with garbage threw a full water bottle and hit her in the back. She has a fairly large bruise on her back but was able to maintain her balance on the bike. She was not able to get a license plate or a model of the truck but we wanted all the Fogbees to keep a watchful eye out for this person.

We have filed a police report on this situation and with her not being able to get a good description of the vehicle, there is little chance that this person will be caught. We want all the Fogbee riders to be aware and if a similar situation occurs, make sure to file a police report.