Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 21 SSNA Benefit Ride in Gallatin

A few of us rode the long course this past saturday and the roads are great except for some potholes on a mile stretch of Macedonia Rd. The climb up Rock House on the 60 mile ride
is a Cardio Challenge. We did see 2 dogs for 3 hours of pedaling. Not too bad... If you have
some ideas for the Rest Stops please post a comment. In addition to the rest stops there
are 3 markets on the long route and 1 on the short route. I hope to see alot of Fogbee Shirts
during the ride. Following the ride I know a bunch of us are heading to Dos Margarits in
Gallatin, across from the Ford Dealer.


Tango Bravo said...

Did you really throw in Rock House on a charity ride? Better warn everyone. ;-)

Curtis _M said...

Yep,, We are going to mark an alternate route to avoid that little climb, so it's Rock House an 18% 1/2 mile climb or Mount Vernon a 6% 2 mile climb. Mt Vernon also cuts off 10 miles..

Tango Bravo said...

Okay...Good plan, CUrtis

Kaiser Dawg said...

I like the Dos Margaritas idea after the ride. I plan to be there in attendance. Awesome! ~ Kaiser