Sunday, April 22, 2012

Message from Pedal for Paws

Dear Riders,
Once again, lesson learned! You just can't mess with Mother Nature , can you?  We are so sorry that, due to weather, the Pedals For Paws supported ride did not go on as planned . We are also aware that some of you would have ridden- no matter what- and some did! Several arrived as planned and decided to just take a "practice" ride on the fun and scenic route Curtis had for you today.

The Pedals For Paws rain date is May 5th- same time- same place.  Ride starts at the Gallatin Civic Center at 9 a.m., with registration beginning at 8. Barring any conflict the Civic Center may not be able to advise us about at this time, this ride will be held  - rain or shine, hurricane or earthquake- as we appreciate your commitment to this sport and are grateful for  your support of the Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance.  You will still be able to choose from the 30 or 60 mile ride.  The  8 mile fun ride is included in your choices as well for May 5th.

The website: is not- at this moment - updated. However if you have someone who may still want the chance to register, the current  info and registration form is  available there. We will be aware of any new registration forms coming through with the current date as meant for May 5th. We plan to update the info on the website in the new week. Also on

Again, thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We found out today that bike riders must be amongst the most understanding people in the world! Or at least in Tennessee.

Any questions, please call Curtis McMahon at 516-9869 or me at 714-3096 ( both 615)

Many thanks
June McMahon, President, Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance

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