Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aggressive Driver Problem in White House

Today, Leslie Kortness was out on a solo bike ride starting up in the White House area and when she was coming by the police station on Tyree Springs a person in an older model blue pickup truck loaded with garbage threw a full water bottle and hit her in the back. She has a fairly large bruise on her back but was able to maintain her balance on the bike. She was not able to get a license plate or a model of the truck but we wanted all the Fogbees to keep a watchful eye out for this person.

We have filed a police report on this situation and with her not being able to get a good description of the vehicle, there is little chance that this person will be caught. We want all the Fogbee riders to be aware and if a similar situation occurs, make sure to file a police report.


Andrew said...

What the driver did is a felony.

monsieur cannonball said...

Leslie, I'm relieved that you're well in spite of the cowardly act experienced.

coastdownhills said...

Simply Awful! We can only hope Karma gets the rascal sooner than later.

Doug_D said...

So sorry to hear about this. Two Yeats ago I had a similar event when some people threw a full coke at me and almost wrecked me. It hurt like H E double hockey sticks. I filed a report too. This gut better hope we don't find him!