Friday, April 27, 2012

Iphone Cycling/Map Option - Garmin Alternative

Here is a good option for those who like to have map funtions but dont want to buy a pricey Garmin. On the iPhone, you can use RidewithGPS or Garmin data (GPX files) and open it on the iPhone with a program called: MotionX-GPS (.99 cents on itunes).  A good alternate to a Garmin!

Here is how it works:
(1) Get the program (Duh) and install it.
(2) Downloaded the RidewithGPS .gpx file of a route that you want to do to your desktop
(3) Email that to yourself where you can pull it up and see it on your iPhone email program
(4) Open that email on your iPhone
(5) You will see the attachment, that should also have the MotionX Icon next to it
(6) Click on it and it will look like a bunch of numbers, but in the upper right corner of the iPhone, will have a little arrow box that, when you press it, states, Open in MotionX-GPS.
(7) Do!
(8) MotionX-GPS will open and you will see an import button, press that (Duh Duh)
(9) Once that completes, press Menu, then Tracks, then Import and you will see your file.
(10) Select that and your route will pop up

Now in MotionX-GPS, you can select different map types, colors, different modes of transportation, etc... even has a built in photo and share button to take pics along the way and tag/send it to as a part of a route.

The program also allows you to drag and drop .GPX files into itunes, which has less steps than above. The directions for that can be found inside the MotionX program.

Within the program, you can record all the normal data, speed, pace, elevations, etc... plus mark waypoints, email your wherabouts with a few touches, take pics, tons of stuff. Can be also be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.. linked to other riders with it...
I dont have some of the other gadgets, but can also be compatible with certain heartrate monitors and such...

For what is is worth (.99 cents) it seems like a good alternative to a garmin, but will work your battery a bit.
If you dont have an iPhone; One... you are not cool... two...sorry!



Tango Bravo said...

I need to learn to do that with my Android.

Lindsay said...

Do you know of any mouting devices to attach the iphone to your crossbars? I usually download the routes to imapmyride, but with the phone in my back pocket I have to keep stoping to check it. Having it right infront, like a garmin-type attachment, would complete this whole picture! Any tips would be great!

Also MotionXGPS vs imapmyride?

Little Bro said...

I have one and it is made by Ram. Found it in Works great.

Demetrius Ritt said...

Topeak has a waterproof pouch/case that is nice as well as Delta Cycle Corp