Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mid -America 2012 Bike Tour - Journal

Road tour from Westmoreland, TN to Florence, KY. 

For anyone that has an desire to try touring....

2 very hot days, 1 soaking wet day and 2 very pleasant days.  265 miles and 15,000 ft of elevation covered. 

Lots of sweat and dirty clothes.  No flats or breakdowns for any of the 13 riders.  9 are now continuing to Washington DC.  The rest of us are sorry we are not peddling with them.

Below are pictures and narrative of the first four days in Bob Schofield's official journal kept on the "Crazyguyonabike" website.  These are brief and the best way to savor the flavor of the ride.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

I also added a few pictures to the Fogbee Shutterfly site.

What a great experience to meet 10 new people from GA, MS, IL, OH, FL and Brisbane, Australia.  This is a whole different experience from regular group day rides.  The senses are overwhelmed with the scenery, smells, sounds and constant change of landscape and situation.

Thanks to Bruce and Tom for their support and encouragement.

I highly recommend this experience! 


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Tango Bravo said...

I looked at the photos. Looks like a great ride experience.