Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday July 31 Lite Ride / Pool Party

The party is still on!!!!!!!

The long group is going to ride from Beach and the lites will start from Bob's house in Hendersonville. Doug Depew has agreed to lead this ride and it will start at 8:00 AM. The ride is about 32 miles and will conclude at my house followed by lunch and pool party.

What to Bring
Drinks for yourself
Folding chairs
Swim suite
Spouse or significiant other

Direstions to Bob's from Sam's
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Ride Map
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Jimmy R. said...

I'll be there. My wife can't make it.

coastdownhills said...

I'll be there solo also. Will be drinking Coke Classic.

Nancy_P said...

I will be riding too. Glad there is a lite ride.

Anne said...

I will be riding the lite ride.

Station Camp Makers said...

Bobbie and I will both be at the party. She will be doing the lite ride, and I'm up in the air.

wttuckerjr said...

I will be there and doing the lite ride.


Doug_D said...

Marsha and I will be at the party and obviously I am riding.


JoHo said...

Bob, sorry for the last minute post, I just forgot to do so. I'll be there to ride and party and my wifey may come as well. Can you post your address? Thanks, see ya tomorrow.

philandlisa said...

See you at 8:00.

Lenny said...

Dolly and I will see you at 8.

philandlisa said...

Change of plans; we can't make the ride but will be there for the party. See you then.