Monday, November 16, 2009

FOGBEE vs Dog - Dog Wins Round 1

We decided to enjoy the great weather yesterday on our bikes. Bob M. and Nicole joined us for a ride in the Coopertown area. There is a dog on Sandy Springs Road that chases and comes into the road after cyclists. Yesterday, he got a head start and came out charging into the road and cut in front of me (Phil) hitting my front tire. As you can imagine, this was not good. I went down and was out for a few seconds. I ended up with my collarbone broken in two places and a separated shoulder (road rash as well). In an effort to prevent this from happening to others, a police report was filed.

Our next visit to Bikers Choice will be to get a new helmet and dog repellant. My bike will need to get checked out as well. Although I think that I cushioned the fall for the bike.

Bob and Nicole - I cannot thank you enough for your help yesterday. It helped us get through a bad situation. Thank you again.

Obviously I will be off my bike for awhile, however, I am already thinking about my next ride.


Curtis _M said...

I feel your pain, I was taken down in January '09 at the intersection of Fountainhead and Butler Rd in Portland. Dog ran into my front wheel I wound up with a concussion and grade 3 AC seperation. It took a few months.. Stay on the police report, Animal Control has to investigate and they are a branch of the SCSD. Did you go to the ER first or to the Bike Shop ?


Scott Mena said...

Is there anything we can do for ya Phil? Food or Beer delivery? Hope you feel better soon. Let us know if you need us to drop you off some hot wings and beer or something!!!

mad1next said...

do you want me to drop your bike off at biker's choice? or anything else to be of help. just let me know, otherwise, bones healing is like wtaching corn grow. a very long and slow process. you going to ortho tomorrow or wed? let us know how that goes. Bob M.

Jennifer said...

Hope you feel better soon. We'll miss you.

Tango Bravo said...

Good luck healing that shoulder Phil.

As to animal control. When I had my incident...a bite(s)...the dog was gone in about 2 weeks. It helped that the ER HAS to report dog bites.

Anne said...

Your are in our thoughts and prayers Phil. Hope you recover quickly and get back on the road.

Nancy_P said...

Get better soon.Maybe the weather will not be so pretty so you at least don't miss that.

coastdownhills said...

My last encounter with a dog running at my front wheel on Shun Pike left me feeling a tad guilty for calling in the police. I was not hurt or even down. Now I don't feel so bad. About the dog, that is, I hate it for you.

Tom_E said...

Please follow the advice of Curtis (first comment). It's too late to help you, but may help the next cyclist. Also, send me the details as to the location, dog owner, etc. so I can post it on our Hazards Web Page for the benefit of others. Lastly, I hope you mend soon and get back on the bike ASAP like the other Phil, aka Cannonball. Nothing ever slows him down, literally. "The trees be damn, Phil's a ram."

monsieur cannonball said...

When I read your story about the dog/wheel accident, I felt a wincing pain in my left clavicle along with a lingering sense of helplessness as the ground is rushing up at you.

Being in good company is the best first aid, as you pointed out. Again, a testimony as to why we ride together vs. alone.

I pray your healing is swift and complete. At least now Lisa may give you all the attention you've needed and deserved (: since you sacrificed your bod to save her (:

Doug_D said...

It must be in the name. Now we will have 2 Phils with titanium holding them together. I hate this for you as you will be out of the fun for 2 to 3 months. I hope you will not be discouraged to return to the sport. After time all of us have a bad crash some just worse than others.

You are in my thoughts and prayers as is Lisa who will take the brunt of caring for your healing.


Lenny said...

It was tough reading about your fall. When one of us goes down hard we all feel it. Make sure you take all the time you need to heal fully. Lisa, make sure he follows all of the doctor's instructions and recommendations. Hope you make a speedy recovery.