Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greenway Report - Stones River CLOSURE

Click here for 11/10/09 update from Mayor's Office.

. . . I went for a ride on my local Shelby Bottoms/Stones River greenway to scope out the past several weeks of construction activity on the section by Ravenwood Country Club which has never been officially open but is now more-recently posted with dire warnings of tickets for bikers and all other intruders.
. . . Well, I intruded and found they have widened the roadbed to approx two-lane residential street width all the way from the greenway posted end by the farm gate to the other posted end by the entrance to Ravenwood CC, and they have put down a layer of asphalt on the lane by the Ravenwood side; I guess next week they will pave the river side lane; their paving machines were parked in a cleared area. The two or three caved-in places in the original pavement by the river have been repaired, presumably with culvert pipe. The additional street width was obtained by cutting the trees back along the river side, and placing a foot or more of compacted crushed stone up to roadbed level. They placed the crushed stone right up against the remaining trees so I guess the trees will serve as living retaining walls, a nice environmentally-green concept.
. . . Anyhow, anybody wanting to pedal to PP Dam on a weekday via these greenways may want to consider a Plan B detour around the Ravenwood section.

. . . Cheers! Dave Irvine 11/1/09


Caledonia said...

Addendum#1. Since this was posted I have emailed an inquiry to Toks of Nashville's BPAC to inquire when this section will be officially opened. I also inquired about the status of the greenway crossing of Lebanon Road from Ravenwood to Kohl's parking lot. I'll post his response.

Caledonia said...

Add.#2. Just returned from a leisurely greenways ride out to Ravenwood CC entrance. Some scofflaw has ripped off the ticket warning sign and thrown it on the ground, no doubt stomped it too. Anyhow, the Ravenwood side now has finish asphalt, and the Stones River side now has mostly coarse base layer asphalt. Lots of walkers, bikers, skateboarders, even a pair of punks dressed in black and chains and tattoos and a mohawk, all on the forbidden section enjoying the afternoon. No response yet from Toks to my inquiry last week.