Monday, May 2, 2016

Big Payback Happy Hour


Do you love biking and walking? We do! Join us tomorrow, 5/3/16, for the Big Payback to start a chain reaction to make Nashville more walkable and bikeable! 
Help us win a prize for most unique donors from 5-7pm by donating directly or joining us for Happy Hour at the Picnic Tap!

Big Payback Happy Hour
  • Where: The Picnic Tap in the Nashville Farmer's Market
  • When: May 3, 5-7pm
  • What: Games, giant jenga, adult-strider race, and Bike Month T-Shirts (designed by Project 615). 

Big Payback Direct Donation
  • Where:
  • When: May 3, 5-7pm
  • Why: Your donation could help us win an additional $2,500 prize!

Your support helps us provide free bike classes to make the roads more safe; help teachers design programs to get more kids out of the car-line, onto a bike; and advocate for better bikelanes, sidewalks and greenways. 
Thank you so much!
Nora Kern

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I donate during the Big Payback will I become a member of Walk Bike Nashville? Yes! If you donate $20 or more your donation will count towards a Walk Bike Nashville Membership (see more about the membership program at
  • Why 5-7pm? We are focusing on winning a prize for most number of unique donors from 5-7pm. Every donation of $10 counts! So tell your friends and family to each donate separately. 
  • What's a unique donor? Each donation that is attributed to a separate email address.
  • What's the Big Payback? The Big Payback is Middle Tennessee's online day of giving, sponsored by the Community Foundation. Learn more at
Other questions? Contact us at!

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