Monday, May 23, 2016

UPDATE Chattanooga Trip, June 3rd and 4th

The Chattanooga Trip is less than 2 weeks away.  We have our biggest group ever going on a weekend trip.  Let the good times roll!

Most everyone is heading down on Friday.  We can meet up in the hotel bar after you arrive and get settled in to your room.   No set time, just whenever you feel like heading on down.  After that, we can head over to the World of Beer for dinner, probably no later than 7:00.

The ride on Saturday will start at 8:00.  We will stop for lunch at the same place as last year.

Once back, we can join up on the patio once again for good fellowship and plenty of Bullet and Moonshine or whatever your favorite drink might be.

Saturday night we have dinner reservations at The Big River Grille at 7:00.

If anyone is up for it, there will be an optional ride up to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Sherry is putting together a number of activities for the non riders to possibly take part in on Saturday.  All is optional.  If you wish, feel free to spend the day doing your own thing.

Below is the link to last years post with various activities, the routes, etc.

Your Host, Mike and Sherry

2015 Chattanooga Activities, Routes, etc.


Woody said...

Mike and Sherry; thanks for putting this weekend together! Looking forward to a great weekend of riding and fun with good friends.
One note, there wasn't much seating on the patio so if you have a lawn chair or camping chair you might want to bring it.

Todd Jarrell said...
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Todd Jarrell said...

If anyone would like to join Mike Grubbs & me on the ride to Chattanooga let us know so we can play accordingly. We will probably leave Hendersonville around 7 Thursday morning for a tour type ride to Manchester. Which is approximately 100 miles. Hotels & food aplenty. Fridays ride into Chattanooga is approximately 75 miles. Come join the tour! Should be an unforgettable experience! Ride on!

Todd Jarrell said...
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