Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fogbee hat update

I have heard there are some of questions about what is going on with the Fogbee hat. I will try to address the questions in this update, but if you have more questions just let me know. 

The hat will look similar to the following. Unfortunately, I don't have an actual hat to show you.

On the front will be the Fogbee Bee holding his mug of beer. 

On the left side will be a cycling graphic, we want everyone to know we are a cycling club. 

On the back will be 
The thread color of the cycling graphic and letters can be changed to provide contrast with selected hat color. For example, a black hat might look best with white or yellow thread color used in the bee. The bee colors will not change. 

The style/color of the hat will be up to each person that wants one. The link below is the Flexfit hat I plan to bulk order that has many color choices. 

Cutoff date is the end of July. I need to know if you want one of these hats (color & size) or provide your own hat to me so I can get them to the person that will do the embroidery. It has been requested that we provide all the hats at one time. 

The hat price will vary depending on how many hats are in the bulk order but you can see this hat is less than $10. Follow the instructions on the website if you don't know your hat size. There are only two sizes S/M or L/XL. So by July 31st I will need your hat information or the hat you want to have embroidered. I will have the total cost soon and payment is expected with your order. 

The additional cost of embroidery will be available after Susanne digitizes & determines how much thread it will take. I have bought many products from Susanne and I am certain you will be please with her work. The estimate of hats I have right now is around $25-$30 for her to embroider. She does this part time so please be patient. 



Tony Hernandez said...

I want one Orange hat, size S/M, Bee logo as is, Cycling logo - Black, - Black.

I want one Black hat, size S/M, with white stitching around the Bee Logo, Cycling Logo - White, - Yellow.

My son will provide his hat if he gets one.

Todd Jarrell said...
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Todd Jarrell said...
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Todd Jarrell said...

I ordered 2 headsweat hats. Should have them next week.

Black - Bee Logo as is
Orange - Bee Logo as is

Any chance we can get 3 Tennessee stars on the back?

Ed T said...

I have ordered my hat, CLASSIC BLACK '47 FRANCHISE. These are great hats.

Brian beisel said...

I don't have a cost for embroidery yet. Tony's info 25-30 was the estimated number of hats that we are expected to order from what I was given. I will post more info on cost when available. Susanne has some water/tree damage around her house in Murray, KY from all the storms recently. That is the reason she has not been able to provide a price yet.

danny said...

I want a black , orange and white hat similar to Tony's

Brian beisel said...

Danny & Todd I need your size. S/M or L/XL.

Woody said...

Brian I'll furnish my own hats; have two ordered and on the way.
Thanks for captaining this.

Steve B. said...

Brian, I'd like 1 hat in the orange, size large.