Thursday, September 15, 2016

Red Boiling Springs Last Update

Just one day before we leave for Red Boiling Springs with the three day riders heading out Friday morning and the two day riders roll out on Saturday.
Just a couple of reminders and updates:

  • Friday riders; Sherry Baisel will be at the start on Friday morning for luggage and coolers.
  • Saturday riders; Marsha Depew will be at the Saturday start and Traci Short is available from White House for the northern riders.
  • Friday night riders be sure to bring what you want to eat and drink for Friday night; you will be grilling at cabin 10; along with your favorite cigar.
  • Saturday afternoon at RBS is BYOB on drinks and refreshments, and again don't forget your cigars for Saturday on the porch. There will be some of Doc's "PD Moonshine" and Bulliet Burbon available. 
  • Dennis "Chief" has some surprises planned for Saturday night, it is Debbie's birthday along with one of our on, Todd J.
  • Dinner Saturday night includes: Oven Fried Chicken, Mashed Potato's, Biscuits or Rolls, Green Beans, Corn, Cold Slaw, Fried Apples, Fresh Tomato's, Birthday Cake and Ice Cream, beverage and a after dinner surprise for ALL along with Midnight Margaritas for the brave at heart.
  • 1/2 Marathon on Saturday morning: Saudersville Road North will be closed from 7:00AM until appox 9:00AM Saturday morning. I spoke with the officer in charge and he indicated it could be open by 8:30AM depending on the last runner. If it is closed when we get there and they won't let us pass we may have to wait a few minutes until its opened; (careful at the stop sign SVR crossing Lower Station as runners will be crossing SVR on LSC). Or we can roll on down Nashville Pike to St Blaise and cut across to LHP. This will be a game time decision.
  • Weather: Friday looks good but warm, Saturday looks OK and a little cooler with mostly cloudy skies and only a chance of spotty showers. Sunday seems to be the iffy day, mid 80's but with a stronger chance of showers. Forecasters are saying not to cancel outdoor plans but to be aware there could be showers in your area. Knake may have to steer us around any developing rain.
Any questions or concerns, let us know. Have a safe ride and we'll see you on the road!
Woody and Mike K


Tony Hernandez said...

Plan on meeting the Saturday riders at Buckingham store on Long Hollow.

Woody said...

Mike S, Tim M and Mark H are also riding from White House. We will meet you at the store.

Lindsay said...

Anyone who involves gluten free surprises in the treats mentioned above will be my hero :)

Docbruw said...

I plan on dropping my stuff off Saturday morning with Marsha and then head back home to leave from there. I will meet everyone at the Buckingham store on Long Hollow.