Thursday, September 1, 2016

ALE Fogbee Jersey

Dear FOGBEE members,

The HERNANDEZ BOYS (Frank and Tony) would like to inquire as to whether any of you would be interested in a Pro Level FOGBEE jersey made by one of the premier cycling clothing manufacturers in the world ALE/APG.

Mike Knake is fully aware that we’re pursuing this and has given us his blessing. Thank you so much Mike and we really appreciate it!!!!!!

APG in Italy makes cycling clothing for many Tour de France teams and many other big names like Giordana and Vermac. They’re own brand is ALE of which I know many of you have seen me and Frank wear.

We’re looking to get the top of the line PRR jersey which is the Pro level and is a race fit. They have a wide range of sizes going up to a 5XL for their custom orders so there should be a size to accommodate everyone. So everyone has a point of reference…..Frank wears a 3XL in PRR and I wear an XL. We’ll be getting a FIT KIT so you’ll be able to try on the exact same type jersey, build and material, that you will get in the FOGBEE graphics. This way you’ll know exactly how it’s going to fit/feel as ALE makes no substitutions in material or how they are made so the FOGBEE jersey will be exactly like the PRR jersey you would order retail.

Here’s a link so you can see the style of the ALE jersey we’re talking about if you haven’t seen one of mine. I don’t know how you missed me though if you’ve ridden on a ride with me this year. LOL….!!!!! :

As stated above, the FOGBEE jerseys will be of identical build and materials. There will be no material substitutions, no deviation in stitching, no change in design whatsoever. You can see these are not cheap and the direct price for ONE jersey of this model is $150.00. However, the cost of this ALE FOGBEE custom jersey, made the same as this high quality, high performance jersey, is $107.00. Because there’s a 20 piece minimum order…..we get a break on the price.

Here’s some background on ALE/APG:

I am covering the cost up front for the FIT KITS and Frank is covering the cost of converting the ARTWORK to ALE’s platform. In full disclosure though….if we place an order of 20 orders or more….these costs will be refunded back to us. Once we have the order together, and artwork ready, ALE will set up an ordering site for us and you each can order and pay for your jersey online and have it shipped directly to you for only $6.95 total shipping charges.

So……who’s interested in a Pro level FOGBEE jersey?!?!?!?!? Please reply and let me know ASAP how many jerseys you would order. I need 20 to commit before I can proceed and get the fit kit.

You’re going to LOVE this jersey……I promise!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys.

NOTE: The fit kit has been ordered as we have enough commitments via email to me.
             If you have not committed to a jersey yet and would like one just post a comment here.
             After this initial minimum order of 20 subsequent orders will require a minimum of 10.

Correction on direct shipping charges from Italy.

Shipping will be $7.95 instead of $6.95.

The $6.95 rate was from last year and the shipping cost went up $1.00 this year.

Sorry for the incorrect information.


It's Allgood said...

So Tony, if I get one will I be as fast as you...

Unknown said...

You're going to LOVE this gear guys.'ll definitely be as fast as Tony. I told him that if we we're able to do this order with ALE....that he would have to let us all be faster than him for at least the NEXT YEAR and he'd have to PULL the whole ride at whatever speed we wanted!!!!! Bwhahahahahaha

Tony Hernandez said...

After riding with Lindsay and Bill last Saturday I have decided that the best course of action for me is to keep my mouth shut!!!! LOL


Thanks Frank!!!

Dang, Just, DANG!!!

Well, Just get a jersey ... you'll love it!

Kellie said...

You can never have too many fogbee jerseys! I'm in :)

Kellie said...

You can never have too many fogbee jerseys! I'm in :)

Tony Hernandez said...

Got you down for one Kellie! Thanks!

Tony Hernandez said...
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Tony Hernandez said...

Ok Tim! I saw your 19.53 average for your ride last night!
I only did an 18+ average last night!
You're trying to keep the heat off of you Jolly Cyclist ... You know what I mean!!!! LOL

Unknown said...

I'm in

Tony Hernandez said...

Got you down for one Mike.

jasonbsexton said...

I'd be interested in trying one on, but if it fits well I'm in.

Tony Hernandez said...

I'll put you down as tentative Jason.