Monday, September 12, 2016

FOGBEE ALE Jersey Cutoff Date

The cutoff date for ordering FOGBEE ALE Jerseys is Midnight Sunday 9/18/2016.

I you haven't tried on a jersey for fit please get with me this week ASAP.
If you can't make any of the week day evening rides and you need to try on a jersey call or text me.
We need to get this taken care of this week.

ALE will tally up the orders and if we meet the minimum 20 pieces the order will be placed with the factory, if not all orders will be cancelled.

So far only 14 people that committed to ordering a jersey have tried one on.
Four people who committed to ordering a jersey have not tried one on yet.
A few others wanted to try on a jersey before committing, but have yet to do so.

Please get your order in ASAP and post a comment noting so.

Also, we're working on getting the TN sales tax removed if at all possible.

UPDATE: Regarding the sales tax - due to some corporate mumbo jumbo about team sales, blah, blah, blah, ALE will charge the TN sales tax on each order.

HOWEVER, due to our efforts (Mainly Hound Dog Frank!) we will be getting a check back for the total of the sales taxes charged everyone. Due to finance charges incurred thru their bank they do not want to refund each individual, so we will get the check and refund each of you ourselves.



Unknown said...

Ordered mine!

It's Allgood said...

Mine has been ordered!

Unknown said...

STEVE CURTIS ordered his yesterday.

Brian beisel said...

Order placed.

Frank said...

Where will the fit kit be this week? I'm still not up to riding, but I'll meet up before a ride to try on a jersey.

Tony Hernandez said...

Frank, I have the fit kit in my care and I plan on being at the posted rides Tues, Wed, and Thurs, but if you need me to meet you somewhere I'll be happy to.

Tony Hernandez said...

Doug Hardin ordered his jersey today!

Tony Hernandez said...

Mike Knake, Todd Jarrell, and Mike Short ordered their jerseys yesterday.

Tony Hernandez said...

I ordered two jerseys!

Bill said...

Ordered mine today

Docbruw said...


Woody said...