Saturday, September 27, 2008

Injury Update

Hey Gang,

Not being used to writing an injury update, I contacted the Great Communicator, New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. His suggestion follows at the end.

But seriously, folks, I really want to share my admiration for being a FOGBEE right now.

First, I apologize to all FOGBEES.

While this was an accident, the cause was due to my inexperience in clips. Making road experience my introduction into clips was a completely irresponsible act. While I may have a broken hip, it could have been much worse given a different set of circumstances. And, had my actions caused an injury to another FOGBEE, my pain would be much greater. As it is, I feel guilty of falling into Jennifer. Had she been fully engaged, injuries could have resulted for her as well.

Even with the inexperience, everything had been working fine. I had clipped in and out all the way from White House. At the cross street of South Cedar and TN25, the left clip hung up and would not disengage. I think I got spooked and just fell.

Most of you are unaware that I have a personal blog dedicated to cycling, Have Bike . . . Will Travel. I am adamant on cyclists’ embracing their responsibilities to the cycling community. I let the community down, if only temporarily. If the busted hip is my penance, so be it. It is a lesson to be learned, and it will be learned.

Second, I am such a blessed and lucky man that the accident occurred as it did. My belief is to acknowledge blessings in life and use those blessings to become a better man. This accident will provide another wide range of opportunities at which to succeed.

Tommy and Rhonda: your conduct as medical professionals was an awesome sight. Given what I learned from the injury this week, without your quick actions, and that of the others who followed your lead, the risk of further orthopedic or internal damages may have resulted.

Phil and Lisa: for stepping up and ensuring my equipment was safe. As we pulled away from the scene, someone, I think it was Tom E., hollered not to worry about the bike. Because of who we are, as a group, the thought that my bike and equipment would not be safe ever entered my mind. Regardless, I am deeply appreciative of you guys. I’ll pick up the stuff ASAP.

Also, to Tommy and Rhonda and Phil and Lisa: thanks for the BEE basket. Everybody I explained it to in the hospital thought it was terrifically clever.

Bob: from the outset, big guy, I think you knew it was more serious than I wanted to believe. You kept plugging away with the humor and kept me in good spirits. I felt fine, but probably looked like death warmed over in a low powered microwave.

To all other FOGBEES who have not been mentioned here, I appreciate every one of you so much. We are a unique and classy group of folks and your friendship is cherished immensely.

As for the injuries: I have a surgically repaired broken hip that will take six weeks of no-impact rest. I am home (as of Wednesday), my daughter lives with me while going to school, and I have other family close by. I have access to a walker, crutches, a wheelchair, a golf cart, and a hoveround (I kid you not; all of this is in my family). I have a bit of pain, but I also have LORTAB, the great equalizer. The doc says the bones look good and thinks my active lifestyle will facilitate the recovery exponentially.

Oh yeah, here is Coach Belichick’s injury report suggestion:
Nik the Stik: Hip Pointer: Day-to-Day

Finally, to DJ Gary: can I request Hippy Hippy Shake for the Halloween gig?


Tom_E said...

Tim, Glad to hear you are doing well. Look forward to see you mounted up again.

Dolly said...

Tim, so wonderful to hear from you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Doug_D said...

Tim - Glad you posted. We were all asking about you at Looy's yesterday. Don't feel bad about your fall, (other than the injury!) many of us have fallen because of the clips. You unfortuanately broke something. Personally I have 3 falls, 2 were due to my inattention, 1 was because I was not fast enough in unclipping. I have my clips adjusted to the "easy" position.

Hope this doesn't discourage you and you are able to get back in the saddle. Hey you can come to the party as Humpty Dumpty!!

Lenny said...

So good to hear from you!
Keep up that positive attitude... It will speed your recovery and help get you back in the saddle. Keep us updated on your progress. We'll keep you in our thoughts!

GARY said...

How about "Ain't no stoppin us now"