Friday, January 9, 2009

TDOT addresses cyclists' rumble strip concerns

. . .Leslie Meehan (MPO) told us that TDOT had a meeting with bike/ped coordinators across the state in which they stated they are relooking their approach to rumble strips and are asking cyclist to participate in future designs. TDOT has also begun avoiding application of rumble on shoulders less than 4' in the past few weeks in a few places around the region.
. . .We are pleased with TDOT consideration of cyclist's interests. Thanks guys for your help. Click here for additional details on our Web Site.
. . . The BPAC Blog (see lower right side-bar) in the last couple of weeks has had several articles of interest to FOGBEES. Latest was a POST about people being fined for dogs that injure cyclists. I hope you are monitoring it.

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Miley said...

Awesome! Granted it's not done yet, but my sense is the issue has crossed a tipping point. Great job and many thanks to Tom, Bruce, and anyone else who took action.