Monday, December 16, 2013

Indian Lake Peninsula Living

. . The FOGBEES in a joint effort with Biker's Choice Bike Shop have re-launched the Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville website ( and is providing a monthly biking column in the social magazine Indian Lake Peninsula Living.  The first article issued in December.  In case you didn't receive a copy in the mail.  CLICK HERE for a copy.  The focus is to promote bicycling as it relates to Indian Lake Peninsula. What topics would you like to see covered (or write) in this column?
. . Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville was formed by the Hendersonville Greenway Committee in 2005.  The committee has provided guidance to Hendersonville Planning Department in the creation of the city's Streets of Indian Lake Greenway and the Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan in the city's 2009 "Land Use and Transportation Plan."
. . The Hendersonville Greenway Committee was formed as part of the Hendersonville Tomorrow Committee (more info) and, after it submitted its recommendations to the city in 2006, officially disbanded. 
. . In 2012 Metro Nashville MPO started providing funding to be used specifically for active transportation projects.  In our area, money was given to White House to create the bike lanes on 31W and 76 and to Sumner County to add greenway trails in the Station Camp schools area.  In 2013 TDOT has offered $10 Million for Active Transportation projects.  Hendersonville was unable to participate.  In 2014 TDOT will be offering another $10 Million and the MPO $12.1 Million for Active Transportation Projects.   
Without significant volunteer and community support, 
it isn't going to happen for Hendersonville. 
We again don't anticipate Hendersonville participating in this funding opportunity.  If you are interested is helping, please contact us at

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