Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bruce's Epilogue

Now being the most senior FOGBEE living in Tennessee, I learned in the Lake Champlain tour never to under-estimate the power of youth.  Some of the senior cyclists have even  chosen to reward it with trophies as Bruce notes in his Epilogue just added his Crazy Guy on a Bike journal

These journals are a nice FOGBEE tradition (hint) along with the photos on FOGBEE Shutterfly (see the FOGBEE websites). 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Membership & Blog Update

We are updating the membership list and access to this blog.  If you did not receive an email on Friday notifying you of the update, we do not have you registered.  Please complete the registration on the Join Us page 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


We are in the initial stages of placing a FOGBEE Jersey order through Jackroo Customized Jerseys.

Our art work has been sent to them and they are sending me a contract to get some fit kits.

We are going to go with their FONDO regular, relaxed and women's cut fit kits.  As long as we stay in the same style (FONDO) we get a price discount based upon quantity whether regular, relaxed or women's.  The cost for 6-24 is $69.00.  More than 24 is $63.00.

Once everyone decides how many they want, size, etc.  we can set it up where you go onto their website and place your order.  We will have a window of time to do so, which can be from 1-21 days.  Your order will be shipped directly to you.  It will take 2 weeks from the last day of our ordering window for you to receive your jersey.

It is also possible if you want something other than a jersey that you can go on line and order it on your own.  You can order just one thing, but it will cost the single item price.  Here is the link for you to explore their website:    You can even design your own stuff.

Your fashion coordinator,


Red Boiling Springs October 25th - 27th 2019

Plans are in place to ride back to Red Boiling Springs and stay with our good friends Dennis and Debbie at the Armour's Hotel. This three day two night ride will start on Friday October 25th riding from Gallatin (location TBD), riding local from the hotel on Saturday and riding back to Gallatin or your destination on Sunday. There will be a selection of Saturday routes to accommodate all levels, and all days are tour pace.

This has always been a fun weekend for the Fogbees and their wives, we usually have a birthday or two to celebrate and even a wedding last year. Due to the limited number of rooms at the Amours and being such a unique place to stay with great hospitality, atmosphere and awesome home cooked breakfast and dinners, it fills quickly.

We have the entire hotel booked for this weekend and have one room available; room #2 Peach Room - 2 beds - 1 Full size (double) and 1 twin bed. If you are interested in attending this weekend and would like this room please let me know ASAP, no need to call or email Dennis at the hotel. If other rooms become available I will maintain a waiting list on a first come first serve basis.

There are also rooms at the Thomas House just down the road that is within walking distance so you can still join in all the "fun on the porch" at the Armour's along with the dinners and breakfast if you like. To make a reservation at the Thomas House, 520 E. Main Street, Red Boiling Springs call 615-699-3006 there is not a block of rooms.

More info and updates as we get closer to October.
Meet ya on the porch!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Shoe Advice

After a couple years of putting up with numb pinky toes and hot feet, my Sidi's have decided themselves retire (broken buckle...I may have to duct tape the shoe on tomorrow).  I didn't have the same foot issues in my old shoes, so am going to try switching brands.  After some research, have been thinking about the Fizik Infinito or the Specialized S7 (go big or go home...sick of numb toes).  If anyone has tried either shoe (or another model of these brands) and has some advice to share, I would really appreciate it!  Biker's Choice would only order them in to try if I made a 20% down payment, so looks like online will be a better option.  



Saturday, July 6, 2019

Ol' Rusty

Bruce sometimes takes Ol' Rusty to our weekly Octogenarian Lunch.  She sits outside the window in plain view of the group of Fat Retired Old Guys on Bikes (aka FROGBEES) who also have many parts that no longer work well.  She joins in their reminiscence . . .
Read the entire magazine article at