to join a ride with the FOGBEES on a club ride,  

We do ask that you:
  1. Are an adult.  Minor children may join a ride only if accompanied on the ride by an adult who assumes full responsibility for the child.
  2. Introduce yourself to the Ride Leader and describe your skill level and knowledge of the area.  If you don't plan riding the entire course please tell the leader who tries to keep track of all riders to assure no one is dropped. 
  3. Bring the right equipment. You must have a helmet and, if riding in conditions with limited visibility, TN State Law requires that you have a bright front-light and rear reflector.
  4. Obey all traffic laws and ride in a generally accepted safe manner so as potentially not to subject any participant to injury.
  5. Please read "Basic Skills for Group Riding" by Gale Bernhardt.
Most of our rides have a post-ride social event.  Feel free to join us to get better acquainted and re-fuel. 

The club has men and women who enjoy the sport of recreational cycling.  We don't race. We leisurely ride the back roads of Sumner, Robertson, Davidson, Macon, Trousdale, Smith, and Wilson Counties.  In addition to rides during the week, the Club schedules over-night rides to Tennessee State Parks, B&B's, regional bike trails to which non-riding significant others are invited to join.

Bicycle riding has inherent risks of injury. ALL participants ride solely at their recognizance of that risk and that no other participant or the club assumes any responsibility of "due care" for them.

Our members range in age from middle-twenties to seventy and in size from tiny to 360 pounds.  If you want to ride and can peddle for thirty miles, we have a ride group that will suit your skill.

Besides road cycling the club has parties and spin-classes at the Sumner County YMCA.

The Club has no dues or formal meetings.  We casually meet at post-ride re-hydration or over the Blog.  We have no formal organization, but appreciate every member taking his/her turn leading or participating in the leadership of some aspect of our club activities.

If after riding a few times with us and you want to join, please use our ONLINE enrollment form below or send email to  Along with the name of a FOGBEE to sponsor your membership and we'll send you an invitation to participate in our Blog and add you to the membership list.

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