Thursday, October 29, 2009

New FOGBEE Photoshare Web Site

. . . SnapFish continues to get worse. Many long time users are now blocked from using our Group Room. After trying for several months to get Snapfish to fix THEIR problems, we have given up. Serendipity! We have found a Photoshare Web Site VASTLY superior to Snapfish.

. . . Go to our new site .

. . . Please set up your FREE account on Shutterfly and join our FOGBEE group. Click here for instruction on our Web Site. When you have time, please move your photo albums from SnapFish to Shutterfly, since we plan to abandon SnapFish.

. . . EVERYTHING is better on Shutterfly.

1 comment:

coastdownhills said...

Yes, Snapfish blocked me also.
I have reposted all my Fogbee images for the past year to Shutterfly. Raw images with no tweaking. If anyone especially wants anyitng past the last year, let me know.
Thanks to Tom for sorting this out.