Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ride to Scottsboro, Alabama

Fellow FOGBEE, Scotsman, and connoisseur of leisurely cycle touring, David Irvine, and I are planning a ride to Scottsboro, AL to attend the North Alabama Scottish Festival and Highland games. We will be departing Nashville Sept 29, and spending three days on the road before arriving in Scottsboro October 1. Each day is about 60 miles through some of the best riding anywhere. We will spend first night at Henry Horton SP Inn, second night in Winchester, TN Best Western. Dave and I will be attending the Highland Games and staying at the Scottsboro Hampton Inn but there is also a resort on Lake Guntersville, part of the Tennessee River. We will have Old Rusty prepositioned at Scottsboro for a drive back Sunday.
Scottsboro is home to the Unclaimed Baggage Center where all the major airlines send lost luggage.  No idea why Scottsboro, AL, but there it is and is open Sat 8a-6p.
Anyone interested in joining us please post or email me and we’ll fix you up. I just now realize this is the same weekend as the Jack and Back. Another of those so many events, so little time situations that time of year.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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