Thursday, February 17, 2011

Working for TN Bicyclists

. . Bike Walk Tennessee (BWT) has been busy in the last several months working for bicyclists and pedestrians in Tennessee.  It joined forces with advocates across the nation to petition Congress not to cut federal funding to programs supporting bike/ped and has been successful. (Read Here).
. . To insure Tennessee continues to benefit from federal actions, Anthony Siracusa, Secretary/Director of BWT is leading one of the largest delegations to DC for the National Bike Summit in March. (Read Here)  They will have personal meetings with each of Tennessee's Congressional Representatives
. . As a local initiative BWT has introduced a bill in the TN General Assembly to improve safety for Bike/Ped (Read Here).  It is also communicating with other legislative sponsors to be sure that other bills such as HR0064 don't reduce safety for Bike/Peds.
. . TDOT has asked Bruce Day (Director of BWT) to lead the development of a cross-Tennessee Bike Route as part of a national effort contracted to Adventure Cycling Assoc. by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. He seeks help from bicyclists across Tennessee, in neighboring states, and from FOGBEES.

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