Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a great tribute to the Fogbees spirit!

What a SUPER GREAT job the Fogbees did for the Toys for Tots, Tweens and Teens Christmas gift program. Just really unbelievable how many of you took the time to make a child's Christmas Happy and Magical just like the one's we had when we were children. Because of our generosity we made a real impact on the lives of  NINE children and their families. I want to thank everyone who gave a gift and appreciate Mike Kaiser for helping deliver to the Juvenile Court two great Mountain bikes that Phil Vickery got donated for us. We gave a total of FIVE bicycles to the program. Ms. Eula Vaughn, the Program Director, was so grateful for our contribution. This was so much fun to participate in and I enjoyed taking part of the day off to deliver the toys to Gallatin. We filled up a whole room full of gifts! This is just another reason I love being a Fogbee.


Demetrius Ritt said...

Thanks Gary. I know you did most of the heavy lifting on this and it is a reminder how big of a heart you have. Thanks...See you on the Ride!

coastdownhills said...

I second that. It takes all the Fogbees and friends to make the ride work. Bob Glutting, Doug Depew, Tom Evans and probably unknown others have done a lot of behind the scenes work, but Gary Williams is the beating heart of the Fogbee Christmas ride.

Now, lets hope the weather will cooperate.

GARY said...

Thanks guys but it was a joint effort from lots of Foggers

the other MK said...

Fogbees giving back to the community!! We ROCK!! Thanks to all those who put this generosity into ACTION! There are a lot of hours involved in putting something like this together. Happy Holidays to everyone! ~ Mike